Sunday, February 27, 2005

Vol 84 Issue 4

Sun released its kicker for dual-core Jaguar UltraSPARC[TM] IV processors that now offer 1.35 GHz [14202] and announced an enhanced Sun Java[TM] Communications Suite with strengthen security [14169]. Also in News, two new reports have released results placing Sun as a market leader in identity management [14182] and setting unprecedented reporting performance in real-world testing with Hyperion [14128].

Sun President and COO Jonathan Schwartz comments on the IT market's recent product trends [14186] in the Features section that also includes ATCA's incorporation into future Sun product designs [14163] and Sun's approach to security [14184].

In Workstations, read about the upgraded Sun Blade[[TM] 1500 and 2500 Workstations [14104], SUSE SLES 9 certification for the Sun Java[TM] Workstations [14149] and promotions on the Sun Ray[TM] computing environment [14187] and Sun Blade[TM] Workstations [14116].

Entry-level servers reports on the new AMD Opteron Models 252 [14194] and 852 [14195] incorporated in Sun Fire[TM] servers. Plus, the latest Netra[TM] 440 servers now offer 1.6 GHz [14164].

Read about SATA configurations for the Sun StorEdge[TM] 5310 NAS [14156] and its trade-in allowances [14063], and the release of Sun StorEdge[TM] 9900 FlashCopy 2.0 software for Sun StorEdge[TM] 9970 and 9980 systems [14148].

Several technical articles for developers provide information on moving from 32-bit to 64-bit applications [14135], enabling biometric authentication [14138] and utilizing quad boot [14072].
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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Vol 84 Issue 3

This week's News covers the latest AMD Opteron processors incorporated into Sun servers and workstations along with a pricing promotion [14173]. Also making News is Sun and PricewaterhouseCoopers collaboration on compliance and identity management [14175], the Sun SOLAR Edge Elite Program for the 32/64-bit server market [14140], Sun's network computing vision for healthcare [14172] and industry analysts take on Red Hat's new release [14178].

Sun VP John Loiacono reveals seven network security myths [14179] in Features, that also includes information on the Java Payments Network [14134] and Liberty Alliance Project's second release of its Mobile Business Guidelines [14171].

Sun Fire[TM] servers with UltraSPARC[TM] IV set new world records [14125] and a Sun BluePrints[TM] article demonstrates how to use JumpStart[TM] to provision Sun X86-64 systems [14114].

The Telco section covers the latest on Sun and mobileATM [14167], the next generation of ATCA solutions [14168], and Telefonica Deutschland's selection of the Sun Java[TM] Enterprise System for its rapid implementation of revenue-generating services [14166].

In Java, learn how to migrate to the J2SETM 5.0 [14123] and download this platform's Update 1 and its JDK[TM] 5.0 Update 1 [14099]. Also released, the Java[TM] Application Verification Kit 1.4.1 [14124].

Sun is gearing up its services offerings with free workshop services [14174], Sun[SM] i-Runbook Service [14155], Sun[TM] Infrastructure Solution for Secure Network Access Platform [14153], Sun[TM] VoIP Application Services solution for the Enterprise [14151], Sun[SM] Managed Environmental Services [14152] and Sun[SM] Preventive Services 1.1 [14154].

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Vol 84 Issue 2

Sun's collaborative efforts top this week's news, namely with Archipelago to buy and sell CPU usage cycles [14111], Mobeon to create open standards, IP messaging services [14119], XM Satellite Radio, which will exclusively rely on specific Sun products [14105] and Centercode's Connect, which will support the SolarisTM 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) [14107].

Other articles of interest include a Sun VP's perspective on the democratization of network computing [14110], Sun and Oracle's record-breaking data warehousing performance [14098], the Enterprise Grid Alliance's goals to accelerate the adoption of grid solutions [13993] and the industry's drive to establish a national health information network [14057].

The latest updates in Sun Hardware include the release of the Sun[TM] Rack 1000-42 [14040] and the announced end of life for select blade platforms, server blades and specialty blades [14067] as well as select Brocade Silkworm switches [14065].

New product releases covered include the Sun Java[TM] Desktop System, Release 3 [14118], Sun Java[TM] System Application Server 8.1 [14113] and Sun Java[TM] System Message Queue 3 [14121]. Also in Sun Java, read about a promotional developer bundle for the Sun Java[TM] Studio software [14089] and one developer's experience with the Sun Java[TM] Studio Enterprise 7 [14096].

In FOSS, get details on the newly created Globus Consortium [14071], the Software Freedom Law Center [14120], why open source is driving the services market [14021], JOnAS' J2EE 1.4 certification [14117] and the latest guide on Lucene [14091].

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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Vol 84 Issue 1

Sun's Network Computing 05-Q1 event [14078] this past week introduced the new Sun Grid utility platform [14100] and a comprehensive set of new services and solutions, including the Sun Java[TM] Enterprise System with new software suites [14102], expanded Sun[SM] Preventive Services [14103], Sun[TM] Studio 10 software [14095] and the open source version of the Solaris[TM] 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) [14093].

In Features, read how Sun CEO and Chairman Scott McNealy's contrarian approach is driving innovation [13952], Sun Vice President Mike Green's perspective on the future of e-commerce [14097] and how Sun products address identity management for customers' security and compliance needs [14082]. A Sun feature article highlights the Sun[TM] Secure Application Switch - N2000 Series [14013].

Sun just released a Solaris OS online manual [14023] and a white paper identifying the benefits telecoms can receive with its UNIX[R] platform [14081]. Get information on Sun[TM] Cluster 3.0 programming for the SunPlex[TM] environment [13864].

The Storage section covers the Sun StorEdge[TM] File Cluster software [13864], an SEC compliance assessment of the Sun StorEdge[TM] Compliance Archiving System [14088], Sun StorEdge[TM] 9990 systems' virtualization of EMC storage [14075] and a survey reveals why consumer demands are driving enterprise storage solutions [14083].

In Partners, learn about Sun and EDS' plans to deliver utility computing services [14016], Sun's restructuring of its global sales organization [14079] and new partner configurations for the Sun Fire[TM] E4900 and E6900 servers [14068].

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