Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Top 10 Articles for Vol 86 Issue 2

  • Solaris[tm] OS End-of-Software Support Announcements [14367]
  • "Predictive Fault Monitoring in Sun Fire[tm] Servers" [14364]
  • Schwartz Says GPL Forces a Socialist Model [14356]
  • Sun Technologies Competing in Formula One Racing [14346]
  • O'Reilly Launches CodeZoo [14351]
  • Sun Reports Fiscal 2005 Third Quarter Results [14380]
  • SCO Confirms No Problems with OpenSolaris [14379]
  • Sun Joins in Industry's Largest Scalability Test [14361]
  • Sun StorEdge[tm] 6920 to be Released with Enhanced Features [14375]
  • OpenSolaris Readies for Source Code Release [14370]

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Vol 86 Issue 3

This week Sun announced it has created a new vertical market targeting the broadband, media and entertainment industry [14414]. Sun also released a new version of a reference architecture that focuses on digital asset management [14400]. The News section also covers two promotions that include below market financing on Sun solutions [14349] and the release of remanufactured products within the Sun Fire[tm], Sun Blade[tm] and Sun StorEdge[tm] product lines [14397].

Several new and upcoming releases within the Sun Java family are covered in this edition, including the Sun Java[tm] System RFID Software 2.0 [14398], Sun Java[tm] Enterprise System Release 3 [14412] and the Sun Java[tm] System Identity Auditor [14391].

Sun also introduced its first dual-core server based on the multi-core AMD Opteron processor [14411], which also is fully supported by the Solaris[tm] 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) [14410].

In the Java section, read about the JCP[sm]'s approval of JSR 181 that is expected to simplify Java technology-based Web Services [14402], how Java[tm] 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME[tm])-enabled devices communicate with smart cards [14329] and how this platform is advancing the telecom industry [14353].

Sun has updated some of its service offerings including the Sun Managed Site Infrastructure Services [14396], Sun[sm] Net Connect 3.2 [14383] and a new pricing business model on Sun software support for the Solaris 8 and 9 OS [14394].

Sys Admin offers advice on preparing an IT environment for the implementation of radio frequency identification (RFID) [14347], using computer forensics to investigate security breaches [14365] and a white paper analysis of the Sun StorEdge 6920 system [14378].

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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Top Ten Articles for Vol 86 Issue 1

  • Differences in Utility Computing Services [14324]
  • New Access Privileges for SunSolve[tm] and Sun System Handbook [14304]
  • Sun and Microsoft - One Year Later [14330]
  • Save on Sun Systems Powered by AMD [14322]
  • Solaris Service Plans [14269]
  • OpenSolaris Community Advisory Board Members Named [14331]
  • Sun and NEC Expand Strategic Alliance [14348]
  • Sun's Asia-Pacific Region Gains x86 Market Shares [14333]
  • Configure Load Balancing for Sun Java[tm] System Access Manager [14335]
  • Get an Adventure DV3 Camera with Purchase of Select Sun Training [14354]

Vol 86 Issue 2

Despite Sun's reported sales dip in its fiscal 2005 third quarter results, Sun Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy remains positive with a narrower loss posted from last year [14380]. Sun also has been assured its OpenSolaris initiative will not face any legal ramifications from the SCO [14379].

The Features section offers an OpenSolaris Advisory Board Member's perspective [14345] and explains how Sun technologies are competing in Formula One racing [14346].

End of software support for the Solaris[tm] Operating System's (Solaris OS) features [14367] is covered in Software along with an adoption strategy for ISVs and the Solaris 10 OS [14327] and the first RFID Test Center in Korea [14360].

A Sun BluePrints[tm] article explains how to utilize predictive fault monitoring in Sun Fire[tm] servers [14364]. Plus, get up to 50 percent off the list price of Sun Fire[tm] E25K servers [14199].

The latest in Sun storage includes the end of life for Sun StorEdge[tm] 9910 and 9960 components [14344], new Brocade SilkWorm 4100 4GB/s SAN switch [14358], new Sun StorEdge 9990 system with an embedded NAS blade [14359] and an updated Sun StorEdge 6920 system [14375].

Read about Java[tm] technology's decade-long impact [14334], how JCPSM 2.6 is affecting the community one year later [14355], the first JUG to join the JCP [14374] and a Sun Lab project that is focusing on a multi-tasking virtual machine [14309].

Sun President and COO Jonathan Schwartz comments on the GPL's "unfair and predatory" model [14356] in FOSS, which also includes the industry's consideration of a standard open source license using the CDDL framework [14371].

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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Top Ten Articles for Vol 85 Issue 5

  • 'Why?' Is Not a Four-letter Word at Sun Labs [14061]
  • Benchmarks for Sun[tm] Studio 10 Software and Solaris[tm] 10 OS [14313]
  • Chip Multi-Threading for Software Developers [14286]
  • JPMorgan Tests Solaris[tm] 10 OS for Grid Computing and Data Archiving [14318]
  • Sun Java System Instant Messaging New Release Features New Privacy Controls [14314]
  • One Million Solaris[tm] 10 Licenses Distributed in 2005 [14312]
  • Project Coyote Adds Support for Scripting Languages to NetBeans[tm] IDE [14307]
  • "Head First Java, Second Edition" [14298]
  • Sun and Open Standards [14316]
  • Identity Management Gives Business a Secure Advantage [14292]

Vol 86 Issue 1

The OpenSolaris Community Advisory Board has been selected and Sun's Executive Vice President of Software John Loiacono comments on it and the next version of the Solaris[tm] Operating System (Solaris OS) [14331]. In other news, Sun and NEC have expanded their strategic alliance [14348], Sun's Asia-Pacific Region is gaining momentum in the x86 market [14333].
Sun is offering a promotion on its AMD powered systems [14322].

Sun and IBM's utility computing models are compared [14324] in the Features section that also offers a progress report on Sun and Microsoft's broad collaboration arrangement one year later [14330]. Plus, a recent poll shows CIOs expect to increase their IT spending [14332].

The Software section provides details on the Solaris Service Plans [14269], the latest Jini[tm] Technology Starter Kit [14315] and how to get an Adventure DV3 Camera while becoming Sun certified [14354].

Get information on a recently released patch for the Sun Java[tm] Studio Enterprise 7 [14363] and how this software supports the latest UML version [14305].

In the Java section, read about the U.S. Air Force's implementation of a Java[sm] Center of Excellence program [14350], the first Java[tm] Research Center in Asia [14352], J2SE[tm] 5.0 and concurrent programming [14328] and securing Web Services with XWS-Security framework [14290].

New updates on accessing SunSolve[tm] and the Sun System Handbook [14304] are in the SysAdmin section along with a Sun business brief on data retention compliance [14282].

The Life Sciences section details the Sun Bio Workstation and Bio Cluster solutions [14300] and how Sun servers are helping catalogue the world's species [14306]

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Monday, April 04, 2005

Top 10 Articles for Vol 85 Issue 3

  • Sun Selected to Implement World's Largest SAP Solution [14245]
  • Creating Highly Available Database Solutions [14090]
  • The Beginning of IT's Revolution [14255]
  • The Solaris[TM] 10 OS and its Least Privilege Model [14252]
  • Sun to Manage IT Infrastructure for Logistics Computer Services [14273]
  • Automating Centralized File Integrity Checks in Solaris[TM] 10 OS [14240]
  • Sun's Operations Management Capabilities Model [14115]
  • Information Lifecycle Management [14092]
  • Sun[TM] Crypto Accelerator 1000 and 4000 Boards Upgraded [14258]
  • Sun Plans to Expand Portfolio of Grid Offerings [14250]
  • Saturday, April 02, 2005

    Vol 85 Issue 5

    Sun reached a milestone with one million registered licenses distributed for the Solaris[TM] 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) since January 31, when the software became available on Sun's Web site [14312].
    Other news this week reports the latest benchmark results from Sun [14313] and how JPMorgan is using the Solaris OS in pilot projects [14318].

    This week's newsletter introduces a new section, NetBeans[TM] , with an introduction to the new Project Coyote [14307]. The recently started Sun Standards section gives you a way to get some publications from Sun [14316].

    For a visual approach to Java[TM] programming language 5.0, check out the latest Head First book [14298]. Developers interested in chip multi-threading have a how-to with code the check out [14286].

    For a view of managing identity management and building trust, see Fran Howarth's take on the subject in the Features article [14292].

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