Sunday, April 17, 2005

Vol 86 Issue 2

Despite Sun's reported sales dip in its fiscal 2005 third quarter results, Sun Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy remains positive with a narrower loss posted from last year [14380]. Sun also has been assured its OpenSolaris initiative will not face any legal ramifications from the SCO [14379].

The Features section offers an OpenSolaris Advisory Board Member's perspective [14345] and explains how Sun technologies are competing in Formula One racing [14346].

End of software support for the Solaris[tm] Operating System's (Solaris OS) features [14367] is covered in Software along with an adoption strategy for ISVs and the Solaris 10 OS [14327] and the first RFID Test Center in Korea [14360].

A Sun BluePrints[tm] article explains how to utilize predictive fault monitoring in Sun Fire[tm] servers [14364]. Plus, get up to 50 percent off the list price of Sun Fire[tm] E25K servers [14199].

The latest in Sun storage includes the end of life for Sun StorEdge[tm] 9910 and 9960 components [14344], new Brocade SilkWorm 4100 4GB/s SAN switch [14358], new Sun StorEdge 9990 system with an embedded NAS blade [14359] and an updated Sun StorEdge 6920 system [14375].

Read about Java[tm] technology's decade-long impact [14334], how JCPSM 2.6 is affecting the community one year later [14355], the first JUG to join the JCP [14374] and a Sun Lab project that is focusing on a multi-tasking virtual machine [14309].

Sun President and COO Jonathan Schwartz comments on the GPL's "unfair and predatory" model [14356] in FOSS, which also includes the industry's consideration of a standard open source license using the CDDL framework [14371].

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