Sunday, October 30, 2005

Vol 92 Issue 4: October 24th - October 30th, 2005

In News this week, readers can learn about the integration of the Sun Java[tm] Enterprise System within the Solaris[tm] Operating System (Solaris OS) and the available download of the latest version of the Java Enterprise System (2005Q4) [15345]. Also in News, Mark Thacker, product line manager for Solaris Security, discusses Solaris[tm] Trusted Extensions [15311]. Data Action, an Australian retail banking services company, migrated from its HP IT infrastructure to Sun Fire[tm] V890 servers and the Solaris OS [15306]. The retirement announcement of Sun CFO Steve McGowan [15340] and a story on how Sun supported the California Governor and First Lady's Conference on Women and Families [15341] complete this week's News section.

The Features section includes stories on an NSF grant to support expansion of TeraGrid [15328] and on the efforts of the Homeland Security Department to defend against cyber attacks [15329].

Readers interested in hardware will find a story on the Brocade Silkworm 48000 and 200E Fibre Channel switches [15303] and on the end-of-life (EOL) for the Brocade 3250 and 3850 FC switches [15287]. In addition, there is an extensive list of repriced and remanufactured products that are reaching EOL [15276].

This week's Server section contains a story on new UltraSPARC[R] IV+ Sun Fire[tm] E4900 and Sun Fire[tm] E6900 server bundles [15279], a story on Sun Fire[tm] E2900 Server ATO configurations and options [15301], a piece on UltraSPARC IV+ upgrade kit bundles [15305] and an article on the current offerings of the Sun Fire[tm] V490 and Sun Fire[tm] V890 server configurations [15302].

Workstations include a review of the Sun Ultra[tm] 20 workstation [15315], an announcement of remanufactured servers and workstations [15290] and a story on the extended promotion for the Sun Blade[tm] 1500/2500 workstation [15330].

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Vol 92 Issue 3: October 17th - October 23rd, 2005

Upgrades of UltraSPARC[R] IV+ processors to Sun's server line is complete with the release of Sun Fire[tm] E20K and Sun Fire[tm] E25K servers [15307] this week. Solaris[tm] Operating System (Solaris OS) security is discussed in an interview with Product Line Manager Mark Thacker by System News Editor-in-Chief and CTO John J. McLaughlin [15310]. Jini[tm] Technology Starter Kit v2.1 has been released under the Apache License Version 2.0 [15320].

In other News, Sun demonstrated its interoperability and integration with the Belgian Electronic Identity Cards [15308]; two Sun Labs researchers have been honored for their innovation and research [15313]; and Sun and Transmode Systems demonstrated multi-vendor data replication over native 4G Fibre Channel WDM [15314].

Features covers recent discussions with Sun Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy [15241]; Sun President and COO Jonathan Schwartz [15275]; Solaris[tm] Dynamic Tracing developer Bryan Cantrill [15223] and JCP Chair and Senior Director Onno Kluyt [15284].

Reviews of StarOffice[tm] 8 [15213] and Sun Ray[tm] Server Software 3.1 Software [15289] are in the Software section that also details features of the Sun N1[tm] Service Provisioning System 5.1 [15282] and Sun N1[tm] System Manager [15280].

The Sun Java[tm] System Federation Manager 7.0 is set for an October 28th release [15283] and the Sun Java[tm] Enterprise System is retiring legacy part numbers [15304].

Read the latest product updates for the Sun StorEdge[tm] 9985 and 9990 systems [15300]; Sun StorEdge[tm] 3511 SATA Array [15299]; and Sun StorEdge[tm] L500 Tape Library [15277]. A Sun PDF highlights the combination of Sun's IT infrastructure and Oracle database applications [15274].

In the Sun Education Users section, learn more about the GELC becoming nonprofit [15317]; the Solaris University Challenge [15318]; Sun and Endeavor Information Systems' multi-year expanded agreement [15319]; and Sun and Elluminate's delivery of joint solutions in support of the Digital Campus [15309].

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Top Ten Articles for Last 3 Issues

Vol 91 Issue 3 and 4, Vol 92 Issue 1

Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced
by logged-in subscribers to provide you with a list of the most popular
articles for each of the last three issues.

Top 10 Articles for Vol 92 Issue 1
  1. Sun to Offer Google Toolbar with JRE Downloads [15246]
  2. Open Source Web Single-Sign On Technology [15205]
  3. Solaris[tm] 10 OS, New Solaris Trusted Extensions Go for Certification [15221]
  4. Will the OpenDocument Format Transform the Industry? [15219]
  5. Sun, StorageTek and Synergy [15240]
  6. Enterprise Strategy Group Offers Overview on Sun StorEdge[tm] 6920 [15222]
  7. Hal Stern: Open Source is a System [15201]
  8. Sun Announces Repricing for Sun StorEdge[tm] 6920 and Options [15183]
  9. Sun IT Infrastructure Runs 60% of Top Data Warehousing Implementations [15147]
  10. Mustang Speeds Up New Splash-Screen Functionality [15242]
Top 10 Articles for Vol 91 Issue 4
  1. Sun Announces 1.5GHz UltraSPARCR IV+ Uniboards [15179]
  2. New Alloy Design for the Sun[tm] Rack Cabinets [15178]
  3. Configuring Multiboot Environments on Sun x64 Systems [15168]
  4. Web Services Trumps the PC [15199]
  5. Connected Capitalism - The Drive Behind Sun's Open Source Strategy [15217]
  6. IDC Study Explores Sun's Nauticus Acquisition [15098]
  7. New High-performance Low-latency Network Fabric Interconnects [15181]
  8. McNealy: High on CDDL, Sun Ray[tm] Thin Client, Solaris[tm] OS [15150]
  9. BIOS and Service Processor Updates on Sun x64 Servers [15169]
  10. Sun Selects Russian City for Expansion [15097]
Top 10 Articles for Vol 91 Issue 3
  1. New UltraSPARCR IV+ Powering Five Sun Fire[tm] Servers [15171]
  2. StarOffice[tm] 8 and StarSuite[tm] 8 Coming in October [15165]
  3. Sun N1[tm] System Manager [15144]
  4. Sun[tm] Cluster Geographic Edition 3.1 8/05 [15141]
  5. The Accomplishments of a Sun Soothsayer [15089]
  6. "Ajax in Action" Offers Some New Twists on Familiar Web Technologies [15139]
  7. "The Java[tm] Programming Language, Fourth Edition" [15064]
  8. Sun[tm] Secure Global Desktop Software [15142]
  9. Using the OpenSolaris Source Code Browser [15116]
  10. Sun Amends Fiscal 2003 and 2004 Results [15138]

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Vol 92 Issue 2: 10th - 16th October, 2005

Sun Grid's recent trial deployment with the Prediction Company's financial services software tops this week's News headlines [15248] followed by the introduction of the SunTone[tm] Service Delivery Specification Version 3.0 and the Hershey Company's 99.99 percent availability results with the SunTone Service Excellence Model [15273]. Also in the News, Sun's role in the Participation Age now has the company sponsoring 12 young African civic and technology leaders [15272], and Sun's wholly owned subsidiary StorageTek is honored by Frost & Sullivan with the 2005 Market Penetration Leadership award [15249].

An analysis of the Sun/Google partnership in relation to Microsoft [15263] is offered in the Features section, along with Google Software Engineer Li Moore's take on his company's switch to Java[tm] technology's Tiger [15216]. Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) round out this section with a discussion on emphasizing an architectural approach [15202] and how RouteOne LLC effectively maximized SOA [15268].

Documentation outlining the Sun Fire[tm] x64 servers has been released, detailing why these new servers have an edge over the competition [15244] and descriptions of the Sun Fire[tm] X4100 and Sun Fire[tm] X4200 server architectures [15145]are also part of the section. Andy Bechtolsheim shares his view on the Galaxy server line [15218].

The Sun and Standards section covers Sun's issuance of a non-assertion covenant for its patents related to the OpenDocument file format standard [15264]; the U.S. state of Massachusetts' open standard policy [15265]; a recent U.S. Federal Trade Commission statement encouraging standards-setting organizations [15266]; and the newly elected chair of the OASIS Board of Directors [15267].

In Security, read about the benefits of using Solaris[tm] Containers to enhance the security of deployed systems and services [15195] and Snort's capabilities as a pattern-matching network-based intrusion detection system [15162].

Learning how to manage utility tools in Solaris Containers [15214] and achieve IT operational excellence with Sun[sm] Preventive Services [15220] begins the SysAdmin's Section that also contains highlights of a BigAdmin[sm] Xperts session on Predictive Self-Healing [15194] and the current Sun Net Talks Seminars available free [15196].

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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Vol 92 Issue 1: 3rd - 9th October, 2005

Sun's agreement with Google to incorporate the Google Toolbar into the Java[tm] Runtime Environment (JRE) [15246] headlines this week's News section. Other topics making news include the OpenDocument format now available in StarOffice[tm] 8 [15219]; Solaris[tm] 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) and the new Solaris Trusted Extensions drive toward certification [15221], among others.

Sun Storage also is garnering attention with Winter Corporation reporting Sun in the front rank of business intelligence data warehousing [15147], along with an Illuminata analysis that finds Sun's acquisition of StorageTek moves the company into competition with EMC, HP, Hitachi and IBM [15240]. Enterprise Strategy Group overviews the Sun StorEdge[tm] 6920 [15222], as Sun reprices this solution [15183].

The Training section reports on the Sun Learning Connection [15203]; a 10 percent deal on Sun certification programs [15225] and new tutorials for the Sun Java[tm] Studio Creator 2 Early Access 2 [15193].

Developers are invited to participate in guiding the future of the Java[tm] Development Kit [15209]. Membership benefits offered by the Sun Developer Network are reviewed [15210]. And, Mustang speeds new Java[tm]-technology splash screens [15242].

NetBeans[tm] IDE 5.0 beta release introduces multiple new features, including omprehensive support for developing IDE modules and rich client applications [15260]. Additionally, two new NetBeans Add-on Packs for mobility and profiling are available for download [15261].

Read how Sun's release of Open Web Single Sign-On (OpenSSO) technology is a boon to users, developers and Sun [15205] in the FOSS section, which also covers the Enterprise Grid Alliance's free end-user forums [15211] and why CTO of Sun Software Hal Stern says open source is a system, not a product [15201].

In Partners, learn how the new Sun Grid Readiness program helps ISVs create business models and solutions [15247] and how Sun solution providers can benefit from two new programs launched by Arrow's MOCA division [15259].

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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Vol 91 Issue 4: Sept. 26th - Oct 2nd, 2005

In this week's Sun News, Chief Open Source Officer Simon Phipps discusses the company's open source strategy and shares insights on the burgeoning open source market with System News Editor-in-Chief and CTO John J. McLaughlin [15217]. An IDC report analyzes Sun's acquisition of Nauticus Networks [15098]. Eighteen suppliers were honored by Sun's 15th Annual Supplier Awards Program [15197]. Expansion plans are in the works for a Sun Russian center [15097]. And, MIT's Technology Review recognizes Sun engineer Bryan Cantrill [15148].

Sun Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy advises customers on IT agreements [15150], while Sun President and COO Jonathan Schwartz explains why desktops are becoming obsolete [15199]. Also in Features, find out how Java[tm] technology entered the DARPA Grand Challenge [15176] and why Sun leaders believe in blogs [15090].

Announcements in Hardware include 1.5GHz UltraSPARC[tm] IV+ Uniboards [15179]; alloy-like designed Sun[tm] Rack Cabinets [15178]; Sun IB Switch 9p and Sun Dual Port 4x IB Host Channel Adapter PCI-X [15181]; and hardware spare parts [15180].

Learn how to configure multiboot environments [15168] and update the BIOS and Service Processor [15169] on Sun x64 servers.

The Sun and Standards section invites readers to the next international conference on IT industry standardization scheduled for December [15198].

Technical documents in SysAdmin cover tools to increase developer productivity [15137]; Sun's Service Delivery Network [15170]; powering the IP Multimedia Subsystem [15100]; and using profile feedback to improve application performance [15163].

Discounts and promotions top the Sun Education Users section with a list of discounted products [15112] and savings for the Sun Ray[tm] 170 Ultra-thin clients [15172]. Plus, read about Sun customer wins [15037] [15212] [15091] and Sun's latest Education partner [15174].

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