Sunday, November 27, 2005

Vol 93 Issue 4: November 21st - 27th, 2005

Contactless smart cards [15452] was recently announced by Sun, who along with GlobalPlatform anticipate their compatible specifications will fuel the next generation of Java Card development [15489]. U.S. consumers' identity theft concerns are driving them to secure online retailers and banks [15483]. Thailand's second largest commercial bank is now running on Sun technologies [15459].

Sun's Network Computing 05Q4 event is set for December 6 [15479]. And, hundreds of organizations adopted Sun technologies during Sun's 2006 fiscal first quarter. Find out who [15392].

Download free Sun[tm] Studio 11 [15455]. A new Solaris[tm] 10 patch policy begins November 29 [15439]. General availability for the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 is coming next year [15458]. A new pre-packaged security bundle is comprised of PortWise 4.0, Solaris 10 OS and Sun Fire[tm] servers [15486].

Two Sun BluePrints[tm] online articles offer a guide on virtualization and containment technologies [15385] and information on scheduler policies for job prioritization in the N1[tm] Grid Engine 6 System [15386].

In Healthcare, read about the new Sun[tm] RFID Industry Solution for Drug Authentication [15446] and learn how Sun is helping bridge healthcare's digital divide [15397].

Sun's recent contribution of new technologies to OpenSolaris [15463] tops the FOSS section, which also includes specific information on the release of Solaris[tm] Zettabyte File System [15460]. IBM and Sun executives are joining to promote OpenDocument as Microsoft submits its Open Office XML document format technology to the International Standards Organization [15442].

Finally in Partners, Sun joins Echoworx and Lucent Technologies to offer email security as a service [15456]. Luxtera Inc. has been selected as a Sun technology partner to develop DWDM optical interconnects [15443]. China gaming firm SeaSky NetJoy has Sun and Pacific Internet's support in launching a first cross-channel, multi-player game platform [15449].

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Vol 93 Issue 3: November 14th to 20th, 2005

Eco-responsibility and high performance computing (HPC) headline this week's edition with the eco-responsible Niagara chip being formerly introduced as the UltraSPARC[R] T1 with release set for this year [15441]. Sun Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy shared his thoughts on the upcoming UltraSPARC T1 [15447]. A new "TeraFLOP to Go" program and early access to the upcoming Sun HPC ClusterTools[tm] 6 software [15450] also were announced. Sun has opened a new Sun Solution Center for HPC in Oregon [15425] and will be building Japan's largest supercomputer for the Tokyo Institute of Technology [15448].

The company's focus on designing for the environment [15445] is the topic of two feature articles - one of which examines the new x64 server line [15402]. Additionally, Sun has joined with the EPA in launching a series of high-level conferences focusing on eco-responsibility [15440].

A Sun Java[tm] Web Infrastructure Suite promotion for Sun Fire[tm] x64 servers [15286] tops the Entry Level Servers section, which also includes information on the Sun Fire[tm] V40z server with the new AMD Opteron Model 854 [15281] and why Sun Fire[tm] X4200 servers have been chosen to replace over 20 Intel servers [15418].

In Java[tm] Technology, developers are challenged to crack Mustang's new Java verifier [15383] and the deadline for the 2006 JavaOne[sm] Conference Call for Papers is almost here [15404].

Developers are invited to compete for Sun Ultra[tm] 20 Workstations [15426]. Also learn about building web-service clients in the Sun Java[tm] Studio Enterprise [15438], the new system tray functionality in Mustang [15424] and using Adventure Builder for mutual authentication in web services [15379].

Education users have free Sun development tools available to them [15381]. Find out why Western Michigan University [15271] and the University of Delaware [15380] are choosing Sun technologies.

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Vol 93 Issue 2: November 7th - November 13th, 2005

This week's Sun News covers the company's announcement to facilitate interoperability between Java[tm] technology and .NET [15400]; a look at Gartner, Inc.'s September 2005 vendor rating of Sun [15395]; the Sun[tm] Grid signs on over a million CPU hours for Virtual Compute Corporation [15421]; the new Sun Microsystems[sm] Global Financial Services [15420]; and top Sun technologists and outside experts form a technology advisory board for Sun [15398].

Highlights of the 2005 StorageTek FORUM [15399] and the announced Sun StorageTek[tm] T10000 tape drive [15413] begin the Storage section. Sun's release of 146 GB 15K Hard Disk Drives [15414] and Sun StorEdge[tm] 9900 HiCommand Replication Monitor 4.2 [15415] are also included.

Some of the latest training programs offered by Sun include the Solaris[tm] 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) Career Accelerator Packages [15417]; a course on Solaris OS administration for experienced HP-UX and Tru64 administrators[15372]; Sun Java[tm] Studio Enterprise 8 tutorials [15374] and more.

In the Service section, learn what key management strategies drive successful outsourcing relationships [15401].

For SysAdmins, learn how to protect the value of IT investments over time [15384], build identity-enabled web services [15322] and continuously available, low-latency systems using open system hardware and software [15396]. Find out where to get your questions answered about the Sun Java[tm] Enterprise System [15390] and download the latest USB Driver Development Kit for Solaris 10 OS users [15331].

FOSS articles include OpenSolaris' release of the Sun Java[tm] Desktop System [15373]; Max Bruning's comparison of Solaris, Linux and FreeBSD kernels [15416]; and the formation of an open source storage management group [15387].

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Vol 93 Issue 1: October 31st - November 6th, 2005

Sun's 2006 fiscal first quarter results released this week reveal an increase in revenue and a narrower loss [15377]. In other Sun News, Solaris Secure Execution is expected to offer automatic verification, Mark Thacker explains in the final installment of his interview with System News [15312]. Two new Sun Grid Utility services have been announced [15388] along with IBM's BladeCenter servers support for the Solaris[tm] Operating System (Solaris OS) [15376].
Sun's most patented employee is Mark Tremblay, who recently earned his 100th one [15342]. Features also covers the campaign for Digital Rights Management [15375] and Sun's method in identifying the best suppliers in the marketplace [15321].

The upcoming Sun[tm] Studio 11 already is setting benchmark records [15347] and the Solaris 10 OS has surpassed three million registered licenses [15348].

Information in the Sun Java section details the 2005Q4 Java Enterprise System [15278], Sun Java[tm] Availability Suite with Sun[tm] Cluster Geographic Edition [15393], Sun Java[tm] System Access Manager 7 [15369], Sun Java[tm] Studio Enterprise 8 [15368], Sun Java[tm] System Identity Manager Service Provider Edition 1.0 [15370] and the Sun[tm] RFID Industry Solution for Physical Asset Tracking [15344].

Are IT standards a help or hindrance? [15371] Find out where to get the answer in the Sun and Standards section.

Fast Infoset [15378] and web services [15245] along with SOA are explored in the Developers section, which also hosts an article on JAXP 1.3 [15285] and configuring Sun Java[tm] Studio Enterprise 8 to deploy portal providers and portlets [15323].

The Partner section has updates on Sun's relationships with Alcatel [15346], Computer Associates, Inc. [15343], Wyse Technology [15391]and InstaColl [15324].

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