Sunday, November 27, 2005

Vol 93 Issue 4: November 21st - 27th, 2005

Contactless smart cards [15452] was recently announced by Sun, who along with GlobalPlatform anticipate their compatible specifications will fuel the next generation of Java Card development [15489]. U.S. consumers' identity theft concerns are driving them to secure online retailers and banks [15483]. Thailand's second largest commercial bank is now running on Sun technologies [15459].

Sun's Network Computing 05Q4 event is set for December 6 [15479]. And, hundreds of organizations adopted Sun technologies during Sun's 2006 fiscal first quarter. Find out who [15392].

Download free Sun[tm] Studio 11 [15455]. A new Solaris[tm] 10 patch policy begins November 29 [15439]. General availability for the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 is coming next year [15458]. A new pre-packaged security bundle is comprised of PortWise 4.0, Solaris 10 OS and Sun Fire[tm] servers [15486].

Two Sun BluePrints[tm] online articles offer a guide on virtualization and containment technologies [15385] and information on scheduler policies for job prioritization in the N1[tm] Grid Engine 6 System [15386].

In Healthcare, read about the new Sun[tm] RFID Industry Solution for Drug Authentication [15446] and learn how Sun is helping bridge healthcare's digital divide [15397].

Sun's recent contribution of new technologies to OpenSolaris [15463] tops the FOSS section, which also includes specific information on the release of Solaris[tm] Zettabyte File System [15460]. IBM and Sun executives are joining to promote OpenDocument as Microsoft submits its Open Office XML document format technology to the International Standards Organization [15442].

Finally in Partners, Sun joins Echoworx and Lucent Technologies to offer email security as a service [15456]. Luxtera Inc. has been selected as a Sun technology partner to develop DWDM optical interconnects [15443]. China gaming firm SeaSky NetJoy has Sun and Pacific Internet's support in launching a first cross-channel, multi-player game platform [15449].

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