Sunday, August 28, 2005

Vol 90 Issue 4 - August 22nd - 28th, 2005

Sun announcements this week include the decision to open source its entire digital rights management technologies, known as "Project DReaM" [14977]; the launch of its Java Teaching Innovations Portal designed to offer secondary and higher education students and teachers Java[tm] technology-based curriculum [14976]; new Database Packs offering Oracle Database 10g on Sun Fire[tm] x64 servers [14984]; and Gartner's report that Sun is the leading UNIXR platform server vendor in both revenue and unit shipments [14986].

The Sun Grid has proven it can cut transaction time from days to less than one hour with CDO2 [14985]. Sun's partner program will be offering new incentives for its members [14950]. And, Dygra Films upgraded to Sun systems and improved its 3D animation process by 50 percent [14979].

In Features, read about Project Honeycomb's transfer to the Network Storage Group [14847] and Sun's latest application switch - the N2000 Series [14911].

New storage announcements include ATO configurations for the Sun StorEdge[tm] 5310 NAS Appliance [14971]; Sun StorEdge[tm] 9900 Series HiCommand Protection Manager 4.1 [14887]; Sun StorEdge[tm] L8500 Pass Thru Port [14972]; Sun StorEdge[tm] PCI Single Channel Ultra320 Low Profile SCSI HBA [14883]; and Sun StorEdge[tm] 6130 Array's five-drive controller tray configurations [14970].

Learn how SunSM Services is driving IT as a service [14955]. Two Service products have been updated - the Sun[tm] Update Connection Services, System Edition [14969] and SunSM i-Runbook Service part numbers [14968].

The SysAdmin's section covers a white paper on the IP Multimedia Subsystem [14949]; a technical brief on COTS-based telecom infrastructures [14891]; and best practices for Oracle database in Solaris[tm] Containers [14861].

In FOSS, Build 20 of OpenSolaris is available for download [14975]. Sun has joined seven other vendors in SAML 2.0 interoperability certification [14954]. The Open Group created a certification program to validate the interoperability skills of IT architects [14948]. IT managers considering open source might want to read an O'Reilly publication entitled, "Open Source for the Enterprise" [14910]. An identity theft lexicon is in the works to help standardized regulations [14940] and the Open Source Development Labs' new Patent Commons Project hopes to assist developers with patent infringement [14918].

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Vol 90 Issue 3 - August 15th - 21st, 2005

Sun Fire[TM] V890 servers are tripling the performance for ESRI, which is why Sun was chosen to maximize the GIS software company's overall system [14947]. A new Open Source Office was launched by Sun this week with Simon Phipps at its helm [14963]. Additionally, the company is planning on opening a new European data center for remote management in the near future [14919].

Sun also is making news by going on tour with Coldplay in support of the Fair Trade Movement [14964]. A new Sun Center of Excellence was recently inaugurated in India [14923]. And, a survey reveals which programming skills are currently in-demand [14925].

XML Pioneer Tim Bray [14761] and Sun Distinguished Engineer Jim Waldo [14807] share their experience and latest projects in the Features section, where you can also learn about transient blocking synchronization [14846] and how InnovationWell is improving knowledge management for healthcare [14718].

In Hardware, Sun has repriced CPU parts for the Sun Fire[TM] V40z servers [14933], announced the end of life (EOL) for Brocade 12000 FC Port Blade [14899] and released new and repriced hardware spare parts [14900].

Read eWeek Labs take on the Sun Java[TM] Studio Creator 2 Early Access (EA) release [14922], which also is the topic for an article on design patterns [14873]. Early adopters may be interested in downloading the Sun Java[TM] Studio Enterprise 8 EA [14953]. Subscription pricing is being offered on the new Sun Java StorEdge[TM] Software and Suites [14932]. Plus, learn how to use the Sun Java[TM] System Identity Manager for service and RBAC profiles [14928].

The Servers section covers remanufactured offerings on the Sun Fire[TM] 15K/12K [14905] and Sun Fire[TM] E2900 [14884] servers. EOL announcements have been made for the Sun Fire[TM] V880 [14904], Netra[TM] CT820 [14903] and Netra[TM] 120, whose last order date has been extended [14902].

In the Sun and Standards section, readers are invited to attend an upcoming two-day conference entitled "Standardization and the Law: Developing the Golden Mean for Global Trade," that will explore international trade, law and standards [14951].

Finally, in the Education section, a white paper describes data-grid architecture for higher education [14946], Sun Fire servers that can save educators up to 50 percent [14915] and how to sign-up for an e-newsletter designed for student developers [14916].

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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Vol 90 Issue 2 - August 8th - 14th, 2005

System News Editor-in-Chief and CTO John J. McLaughlin gets the inside story on Sun's stability, strategy and product line from Sun Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy, who recently spoke candidly during an interview with McLaughlin [14920].

In other Sun News, learn how the company is helping the UN with a global initiative[14876] and about its new alliances with T-Mobile [14908] and MPC Computers [14912]. InfoWorld 2005 Innovators Award was bestowed on six Solaris[TM] 10 engineers [14913]. And, the Aberdeen Group is inviting mid-size companies to participate in research study on enterprise resource planning [14907].

The Software section details new product releases including the Trusted Solaris[TM] 8 2/04 Operating Environment [14885], Solaris[TM] 10 3/05 HW1 Operating System [14880] and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 [14896]. Also, read about recent surveys on RFID, which suggests upcoming market changes [14836], [14855].

The Sun Fire[TM] V40z server now supports the fastest dual core technology - AMD Opteron 875 [14886]. Select configurations of these entry-level servers have been repriced to offer customers more competitive options [14881]. Sun also is promoting a trade-in allowance of 15 percent when trading up to a Sun Fire[TM] V440 server [14894].

Learn how Sun is solving the market's enterprise data retention and management requirements, which are expected to increase by 54 percent this year alone [14848]. Also in Storage, read eWeek's review of the Sun StorEdge[TM] 6920 system [14872], the new lower pricing for the Sun StorEdge[TM] 5210 NAS appliance [14879] and EOL for Sun StorEdge[TM] 6120 arrays [14888].

Get trained in the Solaris[TM] 10 OS [14838], the N1[TM] Grid Service Provisioning System 5.0 [14906] and save 15 percent off Sun's live virtual classes on a variety of technologies [14837].

The Java[TM] Platform, Micro Edition (Java[TM] ME) headlines this week's articles in the Java[TM] Technology section with information on the Mobile Service Architecture initiative [14871], its involvement in auto infotainment [14890] and support of Apache Derby [14878].

In Partners, find out how to qualify for a free Sun Ultra[TM] 20 workstation [14889] and which Sun systems will be virtualized with VMware's virtualization infrastructure software [14917]. Some channel partners now can receive Sun sales force training [14921]. And, Cambex joins Sun iForce[SM] Partner program, liberating mainframe customers with Sun and Cambex's open systems servers [14914].

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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Vol 90 Issue 1 - August 1st - 7th, 2005

This week's news section includes an article on GE's adoption of the Sun Java[TM] Identity Manager solution, which it is deploying worldwide throughout its corporate IT infrastructure [14869]. There is also an article that tells of a poll of 1,200 respondents who expressed a decided preference for the Blu-ray DVD Standard [14849].

The Java section this week features two articles on AJAX, one having to do with creating web applications with that tool [14621] and the other presents design details on customizing the JavaServer[TM] Faces component of the AJAX auto-completion function [14841].

Security section readers will learn about the security features of the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) [14859], a building-block approach to system security [14858] and a report of a survey on the importance of identity management to the compliance effort [14857].

Readers with an interest in developer-related topics will find articles on Solaris[TM] 10 OS as a SIP Server [14730], an appraisal of the early access edition of Sun Java[TM] Studio Creator 2 [14839], information on newly available tools to support AJAX [14856] and a piece that provides detailed instructions for the installation and configuration of Sun[TM] Cluster 3.1 09/04 software [14749].

In Sys Admin, there are articles on automating the setup of Sun Fire [TM] V20z and Sun Fire[TM] V40z servers [14726], a discussion of the features of the Accounting and Reporting Console that is part of the N1[TM] Grid Engine 6 solution [14659] and a case study on migration from Platform Computing's Load Sharing Facility to the N1 Grid Engine Software [14690].

In FOSS this week, there are articles on OpenSolaris user groups [14877], acquiring and building source code for OpenSolaris [14843], connecting Office Suite to a MySQL Database [14850], a progress report on the Nevada development community [14845], the formation of the Mozilla[TM] Corporation [14874] and security guidelines for the Enterprise Grid Alliance [14842].

Partner news includes an article on the revamping of its partner programs that Sun is undertaking [14875], a new agreement between Sun and Inner Circle Logistics [14804], the availability of PolarLake Integration Suite on the Solaris 10 OS [14860], the collaboration between Sun and Interwoven on the Enterprise Content Management Platform [14833] and the opening of the Advanced Technology Center in Singapore as the result of the joint efforts of Sun and NOL Group [14852].

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