Sunday, August 28, 2005

Vol 90 Issue 4 - August 22nd - 28th, 2005

Sun announcements this week include the decision to open source its entire digital rights management technologies, known as "Project DReaM" [14977]; the launch of its Java Teaching Innovations Portal designed to offer secondary and higher education students and teachers Java[tm] technology-based curriculum [14976]; new Database Packs offering Oracle Database 10g on Sun Fire[tm] x64 servers [14984]; and Gartner's report that Sun is the leading UNIXR platform server vendor in both revenue and unit shipments [14986].

The Sun Grid has proven it can cut transaction time from days to less than one hour with CDO2 [14985]. Sun's partner program will be offering new incentives for its members [14950]. And, Dygra Films upgraded to Sun systems and improved its 3D animation process by 50 percent [14979].

In Features, read about Project Honeycomb's transfer to the Network Storage Group [14847] and Sun's latest application switch - the N2000 Series [14911].

New storage announcements include ATO configurations for the Sun StorEdge[tm] 5310 NAS Appliance [14971]; Sun StorEdge[tm] 9900 Series HiCommand Protection Manager 4.1 [14887]; Sun StorEdge[tm] L8500 Pass Thru Port [14972]; Sun StorEdge[tm] PCI Single Channel Ultra320 Low Profile SCSI HBA [14883]; and Sun StorEdge[tm] 6130 Array's five-drive controller tray configurations [14970].

Learn how SunSM Services is driving IT as a service [14955]. Two Service products have been updated - the Sun[tm] Update Connection Services, System Edition [14969] and SunSM i-Runbook Service part numbers [14968].

The SysAdmin's section covers a white paper on the IP Multimedia Subsystem [14949]; a technical brief on COTS-based telecom infrastructures [14891]; and best practices for Oracle database in Solaris[tm] Containers [14861].

In FOSS, Build 20 of OpenSolaris is available for download [14975]. Sun has joined seven other vendors in SAML 2.0 interoperability certification [14954]. The Open Group created a certification program to validate the interoperability skills of IT architects [14948]. IT managers considering open source might want to read an O'Reilly publication entitled, "Open Source for the Enterprise" [14910]. An identity theft lexicon is in the works to help standardized regulations [14940] and the Open Source Development Labs' new Patent Commons Project hopes to assist developers with patent infringement [14918].

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