Sunday, June 26, 2005

Vol 88 Issue 4

The Solaris[tm] Operating System (Solaris OS) is making News this week with the completion of proof-of-concept trials from several financial firms [14678]. This UNIX[r] platform and Sun technologies recently have won over Data Security Systems Solutions (DS3) [14677] and Reuters Market Data System [14672]. In addition, Sun's HP-Away Migration Program had a significant win as Australian-based utility provider ActewAGL decided to migrate to the Solaris OS platform [14676].

An expanded Sun[sm] Upgrade Advantage Program option now is offering upgrades to next generation server boards [14667]. Also in Hardware, learn about new configurations for Brocade SilkWorm 24000 FC Director [14668], a trade-in promotion on Sun-branded Host Bus Adaptors [14615] and the release of new and repriced hardware spare parts [14669].

A Sun BluePrints[tm] article extensively details how to use Solaris[tm] Containers [14625] in the Software section that also covers the release of Solaris[tm] Container Manager 1.1 [14670].

The Sun Java section reports on two new additions to Sun's identity management portfolio [14671], a TCO study on the Sun Java[tm] Communications Suite [14618] and a maintenance release for the Sun Java[tm] System Application Server Platform 8.1 [14620].

Recently announced storage products include the Sun StorEdge[tm] 5310 Compliance Archiving System [14675], software for the Sun StorEdge[tm] 9900 System [14662] and an updated CD for the Sun StorEdge[tm] Enterprise Storage Management Base Applications [14663].

In the Developer section, read about the Sun Java[tm] Wireless Toolkit Version 2.3 beta release [14656], the new GlassFish Project [14660], an exam study kit for the Sun Certified Business Component Developer [14649] and details on the 2005 TopCoder Open [14679].

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Vol 88 Issue 3

Several news stories are in contention for top spot this week but the most important is probably the one about the launch of OpenSolaris [14624]. Hot on its heels would be the story about Sun's acquisition of Procom [14636] and the intellectual property rights to the company's Network Attached Storage technology. Two further news stories are worthy of mention: Boeing's adoption of JXTA for the Army's Future Combat System [14638] and the early access availability of Sun's Registry Service [14639].

This week's features section includes a long piece on utility computing [14588] and a shorter article on bridging the digital divide by Scot McNealy [14587].

The two pieces in this week's developer section concern the use of Public Key Cryptography Standards with Sun Java[tm] System Application Server 8.1 [14573] and the benefits of linker scoping with Sun Studio[tm] C/C++ [14578].

The server section features a story on an attractive server upgrade opportunity [14614], another on new benchmark results for data consolidation involving Sun and Informatica [14613] and one on a user-friendly savings calculator for assessing the costs of Sun and AMD solutions [14539].

A SysAdmin piece discusses managing IT as a business within a business [14528], and another talks about using Cfengine for central host configuration [14566].

The Java section includes an article on how best to use JavaServer[tm] Faces technology [14560]; another [14421] offers suggestions on how retailers might best implement JavaPOS[tm] solutions; and a third extols the virtues of J2SE[tm] 5.0 [14586].

Finally, turning to FOSS, [14624] provides an insider’s view of the OpenSolaris process, and [14619] provides details on Google’s "Summer of Code."

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Vol 88 Issue 2

Sun's drive to promote openness and sharing industry and worldwide
highlights this week's edition with announcements that include a new
Open Service Delivery Platform Solutions Program [14609], a new initiative called Share the Opportunity Global Giving [14610], a new branding and advertising campaign that ties into the company's philosophy to share technology and drive innovation [14584], and donations of StarOffice[tm] to qualified nonprofits in technology-hungry countries [14612].

Sun's plans to acquire StorageTek for USD$4.1 billion [14589] is the focus of an interview with Sun Executive Vice President of the Network Storage Products Group Mark Canepa [14598].

The Software section offers information on an online manual for the Sun[tm] Studio 10 [14600], a technical article on using Solaris[tm] Zones to support applications [14599] and a list of supportive applications available for the Solaris[tm] 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) [14538].

Receive either a free Apple 4 GB iPod Mini [14593] or a free combination Bushnell ImageView digital camera with binoculars [14592] by signing up for select Sun training courses.

Two Java[tm] technology-specific publications are covered in this week's edition: "Java[tm] Language Specification, The 3rd Edition" [14569] and "Learning Java, Third Edition" [14585]. Also, download a free copy of the Java[tm] BluePrints book "Designing Web Services with the J2EE[tm] 1.4 Platform: JAX-RPC, SOAP, and XML Technologies" [14572].

The Java Internal Use License for JDK[tm] 5.0 has been released [14580].
Learn about Claimonitor - a new web-based Straight-through Processing
(STP) utility for automating transactions and market-related claims [14616], Oracle licensing of Solaris[tm] Containers [14579] and a new OEM agreement between MindTree and Sun [14582].

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Top 10 Articles for Vol 87 Issue 3

  1. Sun Helps Power the High Performance Computing Virtual Laboratory [14526]
  2. Sun and Microsoft Reveal Status of Product Interoperability [14509]
  3. Two Solaris[tm] 10 OS Features Expected Next Year [14510]
  4. Project Chameleon Separates Applications from Desktops [14470]
  5. Benchmark Results Show Advantage of Solaris[tm] OS, Sun Fire[tm] Servers [14504]
  6. Resolving Storage System Bottlenecks [14512]
  7. Five-step Approach to Launching an RFID Initiative [14493]
  8. New Sun Initiative Assists in Building Service Oriented Architectures [14518]
  9. Sun[tm] Studio Support Matrix Updated [14502]
  10. "Sun[sm] Connection - IT Management Delivered as a Network Service" [14473]

Vol 88 Issue 1

New updates in Sun software are covered in this week's edition, including the N1[tm] Grid Service Provisioning System 5.0 Update 1 [14532], N1[tm] Grid Engine 6 Update 4 [14533] and the Solaris[tm] Security Toolkit 4.1 [14567]. Additionally, Sun has released a USB security script for a free download [14577].

New standard configurations for Sun Blade[tm] workstations [14574] now are available, as are Sun Ray[tm] 1G monitor bundles with 24- and 19-inch flat panel displays [14537].

Read how Sun's unique on-demand password synchronization works with the Sun Java System Directory Server [14540]. The Sun Java[tm] Studio Creator headlines two articles - one relates a company's experience integrating this Sun tool [14564] and the second lists 24 free tutorials now available on the Sun Web site [14565].

The Servers section reports on a Manugistics Benchmark that demonstrates the Sun Fire[tm] E20K outperforms the IBM P5-590 [14581] and IDC tracking reveals continued growth in the worldwide server market [14568].

Possible upcoming features for the Java[tm] 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE[tm]) 6.0 are shared by the platform's engineering team [14440]. Also in the Java section, read about some of the uncommon API features of the J2SE 5.0 [14416], how to become a certified web component developer for the Java[tm] 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition [14571] and a new book explains how to create adrenaline-fueled games with Java programming language [14563].

Enhanced SunSpectrum[sm] Service Plans have been released [14561]. Sun Services EVP shares his perspective on the channel's future [14556]. Plus, learn about two service promotions on Sun[sm] Update Connection [14530] and the Solaris Service Plans [14594].

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Top 10 Articles for Vol 87 Issue 2

  1. Sun to Acquire Tarantella [14500]
  2. New 19-inch LCD Monitors Come with New Lower Price [14488]
  3. Fastest Dual-core Processors Set for Release on Sun Fire[tm] Servers [14483]
  4. Sun to Expand Overseas Engineering Centers [14505]
  5. Sun to Purchase Procom NAS Assets [14499]
  6. Sun[tm] 10-Gigabit Ethernet PCI-X Adapter Soon to be Released [14480]
  7. "Firefox and Thunderbird Garage" [14362]
  8. Sun's Dually Enhanced Opteron-based Portfolio [14498]
  9. Industry's First Reference Model for Enterprise Grids [14506]
  10. OpenOffice Team Requests Assistance from IBM [14442]

Vol 87 Issue 4

The 2005 JavaOne[sm] Conference is preparing for Java[tm] technology's 10th birthday bash, which will be celebrated during the June 27th-30th event [14545]. Also in News, Vice President of Sun's Software Group Tom Goguen reveals how OpenSolaris may change IT business [14520].

Executive Vice President of Sun's Software Group John Loiacono explains how the company's innovations solve today's top customer concerns [14489] in the Features section that also covers Sun Lab's exploration of Object-Aware Memory Architecture [14450].

The latest Hardware releases includes competitively priced Sun monitors [14558], remanufactured 1.05GHZ CPU/memory boards [14535] and three new hardware spare parts [14557].

An IDC report examines storage trends and why two Sun StorEdge[tm] solutions answer current business objectives [14537]. Newly released Sun StorEdge[tm] LTO 3 tape drive now offers an LVD SCSI desktop configuration [14536].

The Sun and Standards section covers the OASIS-approved OpenDocument Specification 1.0 [14542], the new draft specifications produced from the Sun-Microsoft collaboration enabling web single sign-on (SSO) [14543], the newly published Enterprise Grid Alliance Reference Model [14544] and the launch of a new online resource for information on technology standards [14559].

Learn the difference between J2SE[tm] 1.5.0 and 5.0 [14521] and the open source project proposed for this Java platform [14507].

Software developers have an opportunity to preview Sun[tm] Studio 10 Update 1 [14529] and learn how to utilize AppCrash to safely gather debugging information [14513].

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