Sunday, June 19, 2005

Vol 88 Issue 3

Several news stories are in contention for top spot this week but the most important is probably the one about the launch of OpenSolaris [14624]. Hot on its heels would be the story about Sun's acquisition of Procom [14636] and the intellectual property rights to the company's Network Attached Storage technology. Two further news stories are worthy of mention: Boeing's adoption of JXTA for the Army's Future Combat System [14638] and the early access availability of Sun's Registry Service [14639].

This week's features section includes a long piece on utility computing [14588] and a shorter article on bridging the digital divide by Scot McNealy [14587].

The two pieces in this week's developer section concern the use of Public Key Cryptography Standards with Sun Java[tm] System Application Server 8.1 [14573] and the benefits of linker scoping with Sun Studio[tm] C/C++ [14578].

The server section features a story on an attractive server upgrade opportunity [14614], another on new benchmark results for data consolidation involving Sun and Informatica [14613] and one on a user-friendly savings calculator for assessing the costs of Sun and AMD solutions [14539].

A SysAdmin piece discusses managing IT as a business within a business [14528], and another talks about using Cfengine for central host configuration [14566].

The Java section includes an article on how best to use JavaServer[tm] Faces technology [14560]; another [14421] offers suggestions on how retailers might best implement JavaPOS[tm] solutions; and a third extols the virtues of J2SE[tm] 5.0 [14586].

Finally, turning to FOSS, [14624] provides an insider’s view of the OpenSolaris process, and [14619] provides details on Google’s "Summer of Code."

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