Thursday, March 24, 2005

Top 10 Articles for Vol 85 Issue 2

  • Sun Fellow Guy Steele Developing New Programming Language [14225]
  • Wine and the Sun JavaTM Desktop System [14170]
  • Sun Leads in UNIXR Disk Storage Systems Shipped [14235]
  • The Network File System Version 4 [14236]
  • VA Hospitals Improve Patient Care with Sun RayTM Ultra-thin Clients [14139]
  • "Sun and Carrier-Grade Linux" [14214]
  • Sun Goes Off to the Races [14238]
  • The JavaTM Programming Language and Microsoft .Net [14237]
  • New Tools, Technologies Advancing Game Industry [14244]
  • Sun Considers Singapore as Global Network Hub [14217]

Monday, March 21, 2005

Vol 85 Issue 4

In the news this week, Sun promoted two top managers to run its Sun[SM] Services and Worldwide Operations divisions[14301]. A UNIX[R] Market Survey shows an industry trend toward consolidating onto less numerous, more powerful UNIX servers [14283].
Sun has joined a new working group creating a global, cross-industry
framework for managing electronic information for compliance [14281]. And, Sun employees enjoy the benefits of new audio conferencing services [14276].

In Features, read about the expansion of Sun Grid utilities [14280], the influence of blogging within corporate environments [14289] and James Gosling's picks on the next decade's IT technology breakthroughs [14044].

Preview the Sun Java[TM] Studio Creator 2.0 [14268] in the Sun Java section that also offers a technical review of the Sun Java[TM] Studio Enterprise 7 [14284] and a white paper on migrating to this Sun product from Eclipse 3.0 [14253].

Two new Java[TM] technology licenses aim at improving developer access to source code [14277], while a META Group white paper explains the purpose behind Java standards [14274]. Plus, read about the proposed updates for J2SE[TM] 6.0 [14297].

SysAdmin hosts articles on a new method of key management, namely the ephemerizer that makes data disappear [14251] and the challenges of meeting data retention compliance.

FOSS covers the OASIS approval of SAML 2.0 [14285], Sun's reelection to the WS-I Board of Directors [14249] and two new publications on Jakarta [14239], [14287].

In Partners, get the latest on Sun and JAIN SLEE providers work to advance next-generation IMS Services [14271], the newest iForce[SM] Solution Center [14272] and ISVs choosing Sun [14270].

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Vol 85 Issue 3

Sun's heterogeneous remote management services impressed Logistics Computer Services, which decided to turned over management of its entire IT infrastructure to Sun [14273]. Equally impressed is Deutsche Telekom, which chose Sun to implement the world's largest SAP solution [14245].

Sun's future grid offerings per Robert Youngjohns (pictured on the right) [14250] and a new partnership with SingTel EXPAN for utility-based services [14220] rounds out this week's news.

Sun President and COO Jonathan Schwartz penned his thoughts on how utility computing will revolutionize the IT industry [14255]. Read why financial institutions benefit from a utility computing model [14243]. Learn abut Data Connection Ltd.'s new mainframe communications solution [14279] and RSA's WebCRD that is improving print job submissions for educational institutions [14278].

The latest in Sun hardware includes upgraded Sun[TM] Crypto Accelerator boards [14258], price reductions on hsPCI I/O assemblies and MaxCPU boards [14256], new cooling options for the Sun Rack 1000-42 [14259] and more.

In software, read about the Solaris[TM] Operating System (Solaris OS) in relation to automating centralized file integrity checks [14240], least privilege model [14252] and migrating from HP UNIXR and Tru64 UNIX [14241].

New product announcements include a hard drive option for the Sun Fire[TM] V20z and Sun Fire[TM] V40z servers [14261], new configurations for the Netra[TM] 440 servers [14263], Netra[TM] 240 servers [14262], Sun StorEdge[TM] NAS Appliances [14265], Sun StorEdge 6130 Arrays [14264] and Sun StorEdge[TM] 3510 FC Arrays [14266].

Sys Admin covers two Sun BluePrints[TM] articles on creating highly available database solutions [14090] and Sun's methodology for IT management [14115]. Plus, a Sun white paper provides the latest on information lifecycle management [14092].

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Friday, March 18, 2005

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Vol 85 Issue 2

Outperforming the competition, Sun's lead in the number of UNIX[R] disk storage systems shipped [14235] tops the news this week that also covers Sun's contributions to the 2005 Game Developers Conference [14244], Sun Fellow Guy Steele's new programming language and prestigious award [14225] and Sun's consideration of Singapore as a global network hub [14217].

Information on realizing a viable carrier-grade Linux platform [14214] is available in the Features section, along with identity management's role in the Digital Campus [14218], an expert Java[TM] panel takes on .Net [14237] and Sun joins the NASCAR Busch Series race [14238].

Workstations offer customer success stories in implementing the Sun Ray[TM] ultra-thin client [14139], [14181] and the Sun Secure Network Access Platform.

The Sun Java section delves into the five Sun Java[TM] Enterprise System Suites [14127], the Sun JavaTM System Communications software [14142] and the Sun Java[TM] Studio Enterprise 7 - reviewer's guide [14129] and a white paper using it to build applications [14162].

The Sun StorEdge[TM] 9990 System has been repriced [14050] and a limited-time promotion is being offered on the Brocade SilkWorm Switches and Directors [14030]. Also, read about the latest enhancements incorporated into the Sun StorEdge[TM] QFS and SAM-FS [14150] and the NFS [14236].

Learn about Sun's training promotions for the JavaTM 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE[TM]) 5.0 [14222], the JDO 2.0 specification [14223] and how the Java Community Process[SM] manages the development of Java[TM] technology [14224].

Developers can run Windows applications on the Sun JavaTM Desktop System with Wine [14170]. And, a recently published book provides real-world Struts solutions and recipes [14094].

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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Vol 85 Issue 1

Security and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) are making news this week with a report on an upcoming Solaris[TM] 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) security feature that blocks bogus binaries [14211] and the RFID Industry Solution Architecture (ISA) for Manufacturing is announced [14215], [14219].

Additional RFID information included in this issue covers the Sun RFID ISA for Retail [14045] and a Sun Java[TM] System RFID technical white paper that outlines its architecture and the EPCglobal Network [14221].

In Features, Sun executives discuss their development teams' current goals [14189] and find out how Sun is helping U2's Bono realize a dream [14210].

The Software section carries articles on a new Trusted Solaris[TM] OS [14191], registration for the Solaris 10 OS beta exams [14203] and availability of the StarOfficeTM 8 beta software [14216].

Read about certifying hardware on Sun's latest certification test suite [14136] in the Sys Admin section that also includes a Sun BigAdmin article on, "Automating the Installation of an FC-Fabric SAN-Booted System" [14074].

The Java[TM] Advanced Imaging and JAI Image I/O Tool [14190] are the latest projects Sun has released to the developer community, which also has a new group for Embedded Java enthusiasts [14180].

The Developer's section offers articles on using DTrace to debug and profile C++ programs [14204], how to run Web applications within a portal application with the latest JavaTM technologies [14200] and a roadmap to Sun documentation [14137]. 2.0 beta version [14183], Liberty Alliance Project's Web Services Framework Specification 2.0 [14143] and OpenSolaris [14201], [14183] complete the FOSS section.

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