Friday, March 18, 2005

Choice of formats

"System News for Sun Users" is produced weekly and can be read in a variety of ways:
By providing the news articles in these different formats, readers can choose the tools they prefer to read the news. More than 55,000 people are sent a weekly email news report that is built for each individual subscriber based on their profile and the available news sections.

The Web, newsgroup and Blogs site require readers to go visit them. There are many tools that poll for changes to blogs or new RSS headlines to notify readers that new articles are available. Email is "pushed" to your mail client.

Subscribers can choose to have a custom PDF news report delivered to them as an attachment. We support the generation of a custom PDF document from the Web site and from the email newsletter. The PDF news report is easy to read on screen and it looks great on paper. If a subscriber has all the sections enabled, the PDF news report will typically be about 20 pages long.

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