Saturday, May 28, 2005

Top 10 Articles for Vol 87 Issue 1

  • Microsoft Applications on Sun Ray[tm] Ultra-thin Clients [14453]
  • Sun, Oracle Propel Scalable Enterprise [14468]
  • Sun Java[tm] Workstation W2100z Configurations Reach End of Life [14387]
  • Sun[sm] Connection Hosts Utility Services on Sun Grid [14463]
  • Sun N1[tm] Product Family Welcomes Two Additions [14464]
  • Sun Strengthens Grid Offerings [14466]
  • Sun's Network Computing '05 Q2 [14461]
  • Sun Management Connection Improves Operational Efficiency [14471]
  • NetBeans[tm] IDE 4.1 to be Released This Week [14438]
  • New Live Virtual Class Training Courses [14451]

Vol 87 Issue 3

Sun and Microsoft's year-long collaboration has produced draft specifications addressing web single sign-on (SSO) and single protocol, Sun systems support of Windows and the licensing of Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol for Sun Ray[tm] ultra-thin clients [14509]. Also in News, Sun's role in powering the High Performance Computing Virtual Laboratory [14526] and a Sun Labs technology that runs any application on any operating system [14470].

The Software section reports on two features of the Solaris[tm] 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) to be released next year [14510], a five-step approach to launching an RFID initiative [14493], an EPCglobal spreadsheet tool helps assess RFID's value [14508], benchmark results demonstrate the advantage of the Solaris 10 OS and Sun Fire[tm] V440 Servers [14504] and an updated Sun[tm] Studio support matrix provides information on binary compatibility, OS support and more [14502].

Using the Sun Java[tm] Studio Enterprise 7 for asynchronous web services[14441] and debugging web applications [14515] tops the Sun Java System section that also offers an ISV's view in leveraging the Sun Java[tm] Desktop Ready certification [14446].

Sun's latest service offerings includes a new service oriented architecture (SOA) initiative, called SOA Path [14518] and expanded financing options for government customers [14517]. Learn more about Sun[sm] Connection's nine integrated services and the resulting business benefits [14473], plus how to resolve storage system bottlenecks [14512].

Recent Sun partnerships with KT [14525], Sybase [14503], IONA [14495] and Datacraft [14496] are strengthening solutions and services worldwide.

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Top 10 Articles for Vol 86 Issue 4

  1. StarOffice[tm] 8 Software to be Released This Summer [14399]
  2. Niagara Chip to Reduce TCO [14415]
  3. Microsoft Windows on Sun Platforms [14417]
  4. Center for Internet Security Publishes Solaris[tm] 10 Security Benchmark [14424]
  5. First Installation of 10Gb Ethernet Over Copper/UTP Cabling Technology [14443]
  6. Stuart Wells Promoted to Executive Vice President [14449]
  7. SunSM Software Express for Solaris[tm] 4/05 Software [14439]
  8. Solaris[tm] Role-based Access Control and the Two Man Rule [14425]
  9. Remanufactured Sun StorEdge[tm] 3310 and 3510 Arrays Available [14432]
  10. Get StarOffice[tm] 7 at 25% Discount and Free Online Training [14426]

Vol 87 Issue 2

Sun's announcements to acquire Tarantella, Inc. [14500] and Procom Technology, Inc. [14499] top the News this week along with the company's plan to expand overseas engineering centers [14505].

New hardware product releases also are included in this week's edition that include a Sun[tm] 10-Gigabit Ethernet PCI-X Adapter [14480]; updated iWay Adapters that comply with the Java[tm] 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE[tm]) Connector Architecture Release 1.5 [14481]; and a feature enhanced 19-inch LCD monitor [14488].

Learn more about the Sun Fire[tm] servers with the fastest available AMD Opteron processors [14483] and the market's view on these dual-core chips [14498].
Also in the Entry-Level Servers section, NewEngergy Associates explains why it chose Sun's x64 server line to reduce its costs and accelerate applications [14476].

In Storage, read about the upgraded Sun StorEdge[tm] 6920 with software version 3.0.0 [14487], the Sun Java StorEdge Software and Suites [14474], Sun StorEdge Enterprise Backup Software 7.2 [14479] and the three sets of license tiers available for the Sun StorEdge 9900 Universal Volume Manager [14395].

Sun's latest service offerings are detailed in the Service section, including the Sun[tm] Managed Storage Services [14482], Sun[tm] Operations Mangement Solution [14484], Sun Business Intelligence Network Computing Solution [14485] and the Sun[tm] Network Services for SAP Solutions [14486].

FOSS covers the Liberty Alliance Project's three interface specifications for identity-based web services [14377], Sun's invitation to open source Java[tm] developers [14427], the "Firefox and Thunderbird Garage" guide [14362], and more.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Top 10 Articles for Vol 86 Issue 3

  • Enhanced Sun Fire[tm] V40z Server - Sun's First Dual-core Server [14411]
  • Sun's Digital Asset Management Reference Architecture Version 2.0 [14400]
  • Sun Creates New Vertical Market Targeting Media and Entertainment [14414]
  • New Sun Remanufactured Product Offerings [14397]
  • Servers Based on Multi-core Systems Supported by Solaris[tm] 10 OS [14410]
  • Identify, Assess and Recover from System Attacks [14365]
  • Sun Java[tm] Enterprise System Release 3 Now Available [14412]
  • An Analysis of the Enhanced Sun StorEdge[tm] 6920 System [14378]
  • Sun Releases New Version of Sun Java[tm] System RFID Software [14398]
  • Sun[sm] Services Offers New Pricing Business Model [14394]

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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Vol 87 Issue 1

Headlining the News this week is Sun's Network Computing '05 Q2 [14461] product launch that offered a host of new utility services, including the Sun[sm] Connection [14463] and Sun Management Connection [14471]; two new grid computing solutions [14466]; additions to the N1[tm] product family [14464], among others.

The NetBeans[tm] section covers the new NetBeans IDE 4.1 release [14438], the upcoming NetBeans Software Day [14420] and NetBeans Profiler Milestone 6, which is available now to download [14404].

The certification of Oracle 10g on the Solaris[tm] 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) [14468] tops the Partner section that also reveals how Sun and its partners' solutions are captivating governments interest worldwide [14465].

End of life configurations for the Sun Java[tm] Workstation W2100z have been announced [14387] as has a new technology code named "Retro" that facilitates Microsoft applications on Sun Ray[tm] ultra-thin clients [14453].

Information on becoming a Sun certified programmer for the Java[tm] 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE[tm]) 5.0 [14448] is offered in the Java section. Plus, learn how to contribute code to J2SE 6.0 [14428] and become eligible for five of Sun's most coveted giveaways [14447].

In Education and training, read about the Sun Matching Grant Program's offer to educational institutions in India [14409], new Live Virtual Class training [14451] and sign up to learn Sun's latest technologies with the release of 17 new courses [14452].

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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Vol 86 Issue 4

Stuart Wells has been named as executive vice president for Strategic Development and Sun Financing, and will lead the development of the Sun[tm] Grid Compute Utility offerings [14449]. Also in news, the Solaris[tm] 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) Security Benchmark has been published by the Center for Internet Security and is available for download [14424].

The Features section reports on how the Niagara chip is expected to reduce the total cost of ownership within data centers [14415] and a new opportunity for channel partners to sell Microsoft Windows on Sun platforms [14417].

New product offerings comprise the Hardware section including an updated Sun Grid Rack System [14429]; rear fan door ATO option for the Sun[tm] Rack 1000-42 [14433]; and a new cartridge expansion module for the Sun StorEdge[tm] L500 tape library [14434].

The Sun[sm] Software Express for Solaris[tm] has posted its 4/05 snapshots for download [14439]. A StarOffice[tm] 7 promotion offers discounted pricing along with free online training [14426] and StarOffice 8 prepares for its summer release [14399].

Sales for High Performance Computing Servers are on an upswing [14422] and the last order date for Sun Fire[tm] 4800 and 6800 systems has been extended [14389].

In Storage, read about multiple new and updated offerings for the Sun StorEdge[tm] 9900 product line [14445]; EOL for the Sun StorEdge[tm] 6320 System [14388] and more.

Cryptographic implementations highlight the Developer's section with articles on the Solaris OS cryptographic framework [14368] and incorporating the Solaris RBAC with the two man rule [14425].

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