Sunday, May 08, 2005

Vol 87 Issue 1

Headlining the News this week is Sun's Network Computing '05 Q2 [14461] product launch that offered a host of new utility services, including the Sun[sm] Connection [14463] and Sun Management Connection [14471]; two new grid computing solutions [14466]; additions to the N1[tm] product family [14464], among others.

The NetBeans[tm] section covers the new NetBeans IDE 4.1 release [14438], the upcoming NetBeans Software Day [14420] and NetBeans Profiler Milestone 6, which is available now to download [14404].

The certification of Oracle 10g on the Solaris[tm] 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) [14468] tops the Partner section that also reveals how Sun and its partners' solutions are captivating governments interest worldwide [14465].

End of life configurations for the Sun Java[tm] Workstation W2100z have been announced [14387] as has a new technology code named "Retro" that facilitates Microsoft applications on Sun Ray[tm] ultra-thin clients [14453].

Information on becoming a Sun certified programmer for the Java[tm] 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE[tm]) 5.0 [14448] is offered in the Java section. Plus, learn how to contribute code to J2SE 6.0 [14428] and become eligible for five of Sun's most coveted giveaways [14447].

In Education and training, read about the Sun Matching Grant Program's offer to educational institutions in India [14409], new Live Virtual Class training [14451] and sign up to learn Sun's latest technologies with the release of 17 new courses [14452].

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