Saturday, October 07, 2006

Vol 103 Issue 4: September 25th to October 1st, 2006

When you need a new server, you can look to Sun's line up of new Sun Fire servers and find one that will suit your performance needs and IT budget. We follow up on the Sept. 14 launch with more details about the new Sun Fire V445 (see article number [17035]), the economical Sun Fire V125 server [17042] and the Sun Fire V215 server [17038].

The IDC reports on Sun's storage growth [17058]. Many recent customer wins and success story highlights are compiled in one place for you: article [17084]. Another new resource showcases what you need to know about Sun Ray devices, Sun Secure Global Desktop and other secure solutions for mobile workers [17057].

Helping protect your data center is the new Sun Secure Application Switch N1000 [17070] that filters inbound and outbound traffic. Also in our Security section are updates on UNIX, OpenSSL, and Firefox vulnerabilities.

Developers will find a free Java programming class [17051] and an Ask the Experts session coming up soon on Swing [17060].

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Vol 103 Issue 3: September 18th to 24th, 2006

Following up on last week's announcements, this issue features more details on the new storage products: Sun StorageTek Crypto Key Management Station that encrypts data while it is being recorded (see article [17015]), the Sun StorageTek Virtual Tape Library [17016], and the advantages of the Sun StorageTek T10000 Tape Drive [17017]. These and other storage products will be discussed further at the upcoming Forum 2006 storage event in Las Vegas [17032].

New online resources keep popping up like prairie dogs - always ready: the Solaris ZFS online learning center boasts multimedia how-to guides [16999], and the Sun Virtualization Learning Center [16998] offers more on Solaris Containers and the benefits of virtualization.

Jonathan Schwartz has been making the rounds to interviewers. We link you to two recent interviews from eWeek and BusinessWeek [17018] where Schwartz talked about Sun's growth and upcoming products like the Niagara 2.

A new promotion is encouraging you to make a video telling Sun how you would use the Sun Fire X4500 "Thumper" server [17025]. There will monthly prizes until the contest ends in December. Maybe you can show off that server at the company holiday party.

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Vol 103 Issue 1: September 4th to 10th, 2006

What if you saved your company $10 million a year? Learn how the Scottish Water utility did it by switching to Sun servers and storage (see article [16945]). Other customer wins featured this week: Sun Ultra 20 workstations selected for CAD/CAM design work in Germany [16941]; Java CAPS in the Infonet call center [16944]; and Sun Fire servers and Java technology help keep the EZ-Link online payment service running smoothly for over 200,000 transactions per day [16948].

Our multimedia selections of the week are video of Scott McNealy talking about security [16967], and Greg Grohoski's presentation on the Niagara 2 processor [16964].

Service and support plans abound -- for storage: [16957] and [16952]; for the Solaris OS Education market [16915]; hardware-only support [16962]; and spare parts for DIY maintenance [16958].

Halloween is still a while off, but that's good because you have until October 31 to get free help on Solaris 10 OS questions from the Sun Developer Expert Assistance program [16946]. Don't wait - email today to get started.

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