Saturday, October 07, 2006

Vol 103 Issue 1: September 4th to 10th, 2006

What if you saved your company $10 million a year? Learn how the Scottish Water utility did it by switching to Sun servers and storage (see article [16945]). Other customer wins featured this week: Sun Ultra 20 workstations selected for CAD/CAM design work in Germany [16941]; Java CAPS in the Infonet call center [16944]; and Sun Fire servers and Java technology help keep the EZ-Link online payment service running smoothly for over 200,000 transactions per day [16948].

Our multimedia selections of the week are video of Scott McNealy talking about security [16967], and Greg Grohoski's presentation on the Niagara 2 processor [16964].

Service and support plans abound -- for storage: [16957] and [16952]; for the Solaris OS Education market [16915]; hardware-only support [16962]; and spare parts for DIY maintenance [16958].

Halloween is still a while off, but that's good because you have until October 31 to get free help on Solaris 10 OS questions from the Sun Developer Expert Assistance program [16946]. Don't wait - email today to get started.

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