Monday, March 21, 2005

Vol 85 Issue 4

In the news this week, Sun promoted two top managers to run its Sun[SM] Services and Worldwide Operations divisions[14301]. A UNIX[R] Market Survey shows an industry trend toward consolidating onto less numerous, more powerful UNIX servers [14283].
Sun has joined a new working group creating a global, cross-industry
framework for managing electronic information for compliance [14281]. And, Sun employees enjoy the benefits of new audio conferencing services [14276].

In Features, read about the expansion of Sun Grid utilities [14280], the influence of blogging within corporate environments [14289] and James Gosling's picks on the next decade's IT technology breakthroughs [14044].

Preview the Sun Java[TM] Studio Creator 2.0 [14268] in the Sun Java section that also offers a technical review of the Sun Java[TM] Studio Enterprise 7 [14284] and a white paper on migrating to this Sun product from Eclipse 3.0 [14253].

Two new Java[TM] technology licenses aim at improving developer access to source code [14277], while a META Group white paper explains the purpose behind Java standards [14274]. Plus, read about the proposed updates for J2SE[TM] 6.0 [14297].

SysAdmin hosts articles on a new method of key management, namely the ephemerizer that makes data disappear [14251] and the challenges of meeting data retention compliance.

FOSS covers the OASIS approval of SAML 2.0 [14285], Sun's reelection to the WS-I Board of Directors [14249] and two new publications on Jakarta [14239], [14287].

In Partners, get the latest on Sun and JAIN SLEE providers work to advance next-generation IMS Services [14271], the newest iForce[SM] Solution Center [14272] and ISVs choosing Sun [14270].

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