Sunday, March 06, 2005

Vol 85 Issue 1

Security and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) are making news this week with a report on an upcoming Solaris[TM] 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) security feature that blocks bogus binaries [14211] and the RFID Industry Solution Architecture (ISA) for Manufacturing is announced [14215], [14219].

Additional RFID information included in this issue covers the Sun RFID ISA for Retail [14045] and a Sun Java[TM] System RFID technical white paper that outlines its architecture and the EPCglobal Network [14221].

In Features, Sun executives discuss their development teams' current goals [14189] and find out how Sun is helping U2's Bono realize a dream [14210].

The Software section carries articles on a new Trusted Solaris[TM] OS [14191], registration for the Solaris 10 OS beta exams [14203] and availability of the StarOfficeTM 8 beta software [14216].

Read about certifying hardware on Sun's latest certification test suite [14136] in the Sys Admin section that also includes a Sun BigAdmin article on, "Automating the Installation of an FC-Fabric SAN-Booted System" [14074].

The Java[TM] Advanced Imaging and JAI Image I/O Tool [14190] are the latest projects Sun has released to the developer community, which also has a new group for Embedded Java enthusiasts [14180].

The Developer's section offers articles on using DTrace to debug and profile C++ programs [14204], how to run Web applications within a portal application with the latest JavaTM technologies [14200] and a roadmap to Sun documentation [14137]. 2.0 beta version [14183], Liberty Alliance Project's Web Services Framework Specification 2.0 [14143] and OpenSolaris [14201], [14183] complete the FOSS section.

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