Sunday, September 04, 2005

Vol 90 Issue 5: Aug. 29th - Sept. 4th, 2005

With the upcoming September 12th Network Computing '05 Q3 from Sun, Executive Vice President of Sun's Scalable Systems Group David Yen spoke with System News Editor-in-Chief and CTO John J. McLaughlin regarding some of the anticipated major launches expected in the company's system hardware [15014]. - a self-funded group that creates sets of binary packages of free software for the Solaris[tm] Operating System (Solaris OS) (SPARC and x86) [15035] - needs donations to continue. Help if you can.

Major announcements this past week from Sun include the completed acquisitions of both StorageTek [15010] and SeeBeyond [15003]; a joint initiative with InstantDX to create an electronic health information network [15030]; and articles on financial services companies ING [15025] and NASD [15020], detailing their recent implementations of Sun technologies.

Don't forget the Ninth Jini[tm] Community Meeting is coming up in October [15036].

Senior VP Mark Bauhaus explains the benefits expected from Sun's acquisition of SeeBeyond [15013] in the Features section that also includes insight on Java[tm] technology's move into the Asia-Pacific market [14844], how Sun's iWork program is helping the company save millions [14909] and Sun Labs work on Small Programmable Object Technology [14840].

The just released Sun Java[tm] Integration Suite [15004] tops the Software section, which also details the availability and features in the Solaris[tm] Security Toolkit 4.2 [15005]; how Solaris[tm] Zones and Resource Management can be used to achieve higher levels of consolidation and system utilization [15012]; and how the Sun N1[tm] Grid Engine 6 software's cluster queues and host groups assist in streamlining administration and easing implementation [15006].

In Workstations, new services have been announced for the Sun Ultra[tm] 20 [15015]; promotional pricing for the Sun Ray[tm] 170 Ultra-thin client [15016]; and a PXE-enabled card is now an option with Sun Java[tm] workstations [14931].

JavaSever[tm] Faces technology reference implementation is being open sourced under the CDDL [15031]. The OpenCable application platform is opening new avenues for pioneering Java[tm] developers [14870]. Plus, business component and client developers may be interested in signing up for the "Developing Java Web Services" course [14927].

Sun's new developer workstation, the Sun Ultra 20, is available free with the purchase of Sun support services [14978]. Developers with skilled knowledge of the Solaris OS and Sun [tm] Studio tools are invited to share their expertise in exchange for "bucks" [14974]. Sun Studio Compiler for Linux OS is available in an alpha release [14929]. Finally, read how JXTA[tm] technology can restore the Internet to its original proposition [14930].

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