Sunday, September 25, 2005

Vol 91 Issue 3: Sept 19th - 25th, 2005

The release of five Sun Fire[tm] servers with the new UltraSPARC[R] IV+ processors [15171] tops this week's Sun News along with announcements targeting the Asia Pacific region, including major alliances and new customer wins [15136]; a Sun[sm] Services Quality Institute opening in Singapore [15149]; and the Indonesia Ministry of Research and Technology's use of the Sun Java[tm] Desktop System as a model for its nationwide standard solution [15146].

Sun's "Sustainable Computing" is garnering attention as Sun Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy challenged leading U.S. CEOs to seriouslyevaluate their business strategies [15173]. Learn more about the principles behind this push for global sustainability [15095] in the Features section, which also contains an interview with the father of the Throughput Computing Paradigm [15089]; a look at grid and utility computing [15092]; and a Customer Data Warehouse solution that improved data latency from 42 days to just one for Egg plc [15099].

Software releases covered include the Sun[tm] Cluster Geographic Edition 3.1 [15141]; Sun[tm] Secure Global Desktop [15142]; Sun N1[tm] System Manager [15144] and the upcoming StarOffice[tm]/StarSuite[tm] 8 [15165].

A free download and free software are detailed in the Sun Java System section with the Sun Java[tm] Studio Creator 2 Early Access 2 release [15151] and FatWire Spark Portal Content Management [15143], respectively.

The fourth edition of "The Java[tm] Programming Language" guide includes information on the Java[tm] SE 5.0 and current best practices [15064]. Read about's Java technology web crawler [15085] and how to secure Java[tm] EE applications [15063].

Information on using the OpenSolaris source code browser [15116] and maximizing Sun's new collaborative development capabilities [15113] are just part of the Developer's Section.

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