Sunday, September 18, 2005

Vol 91 Issue 2: Sept. 12th - 18th, 2005

Sun's quarterly Network Computing '05 Q3 product announcements headline many of this week's sections. In News, read an overview of the products and the event itself [15130] [15131], followed by more specific information on the company's new family of enterprise-class x64 systems [15121], storage solutions [15122] and the addition of an application switch [15126].

The latest in Sun Software features the Sun Secure Global Desktop 4.2 [15132], Sun Java[tm] Availability Suite [15134], Sun[tm] Cluster 3.1 8/05 release [15072] and the new Solaris[tm] Center [15096].

Entry-level Servers explores Sun's new x64 line of Opteron-based systems, which include the Sun Fire[tm] X2100 server [15125] and the Sun Fire[tm] X4100 and Sun Fire[tm] X4200 servers [15123]. Additionally, Sun has introduced the Sun Fire[tm] V40z AMD Opteron 848 server with options [15068] and a course on the administration of Sun Fire[tm] V440 servers [15065].

The Storage section highlights product launches of the Sun StorEdge[tm] 3320 SCSI Array [15129], Sun StorEdge[tm] C2 Tape Autoloader [15127] and Sun StorEdge[tm] C4 and C10 Tape Libraries [15128].

Learn about new Service offerings that include a plan for Windows on the Sun Fire x64 servers [15133] and a 60-day "Try & Buy" program [15028]. Sun also has renamed its software support services [15026]. Finally, read how the Sun Managed Disaster Recovery Service package held up to Hurricane Katrina [15032].

NC05Q3 Promotions offer multiple savings on the new x64 systems [15120] [15119] [15118].

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