Sunday, October 02, 2005

Vol 91 Issue 4: Sept. 26th - Oct 2nd, 2005

In this week's Sun News, Chief Open Source Officer Simon Phipps discusses the company's open source strategy and shares insights on the burgeoning open source market with System News Editor-in-Chief and CTO John J. McLaughlin [15217]. An IDC report analyzes Sun's acquisition of Nauticus Networks [15098]. Eighteen suppliers were honored by Sun's 15th Annual Supplier Awards Program [15197]. Expansion plans are in the works for a Sun Russian center [15097]. And, MIT's Technology Review recognizes Sun engineer Bryan Cantrill [15148].

Sun Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy advises customers on IT agreements [15150], while Sun President and COO Jonathan Schwartz explains why desktops are becoming obsolete [15199]. Also in Features, find out how Java[tm] technology entered the DARPA Grand Challenge [15176] and why Sun leaders believe in blogs [15090].

Announcements in Hardware include 1.5GHz UltraSPARC[tm] IV+ Uniboards [15179]; alloy-like designed Sun[tm] Rack Cabinets [15178]; Sun IB Switch 9p and Sun Dual Port 4x IB Host Channel Adapter PCI-X [15181]; and hardware spare parts [15180].

Learn how to configure multiboot environments [15168] and update the BIOS and Service Processor [15169] on Sun x64 servers.

The Sun and Standards section invites readers to the next international conference on IT industry standardization scheduled for December [15198].

Technical documents in SysAdmin cover tools to increase developer productivity [15137]; Sun's Service Delivery Network [15170]; powering the IP Multimedia Subsystem [15100]; and using profile feedback to improve application performance [15163].

Discounts and promotions top the Sun Education Users section with a list of discounted products [15112] and savings for the Sun Ray[tm] 170 Ultra-thin clients [15172]. Plus, read about Sun customer wins [15037] [15212] [15091] and Sun's latest Education partner [15174].

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