Sunday, October 16, 2005

Vol 92 Issue 2: 10th - 16th October, 2005

Sun Grid's recent trial deployment with the Prediction Company's financial services software tops this week's News headlines [15248] followed by the introduction of the SunTone[tm] Service Delivery Specification Version 3.0 and the Hershey Company's 99.99 percent availability results with the SunTone Service Excellence Model [15273]. Also in the News, Sun's role in the Participation Age now has the company sponsoring 12 young African civic and technology leaders [15272], and Sun's wholly owned subsidiary StorageTek is honored by Frost & Sullivan with the 2005 Market Penetration Leadership award [15249].

An analysis of the Sun/Google partnership in relation to Microsoft [15263] is offered in the Features section, along with Google Software Engineer Li Moore's take on his company's switch to Java[tm] technology's Tiger [15216]. Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) round out this section with a discussion on emphasizing an architectural approach [15202] and how RouteOne LLC effectively maximized SOA [15268].

Documentation outlining the Sun Fire[tm] x64 servers has been released, detailing why these new servers have an edge over the competition [15244] and descriptions of the Sun Fire[tm] X4100 and Sun Fire[tm] X4200 server architectures [15145]are also part of the section. Andy Bechtolsheim shares his view on the Galaxy server line [15218].

The Sun and Standards section covers Sun's issuance of a non-assertion covenant for its patents related to the OpenDocument file format standard [15264]; the U.S. state of Massachusetts' open standard policy [15265]; a recent U.S. Federal Trade Commission statement encouraging standards-setting organizations [15266]; and the newly elected chair of the OASIS Board of Directors [15267].

In Security, read about the benefits of using Solaris[tm] Containers to enhance the security of deployed systems and services [15195] and Snort's capabilities as a pattern-matching network-based intrusion detection system [15162].

Learning how to manage utility tools in Solaris Containers [15214] and achieve IT operational excellence with Sun[sm] Preventive Services [15220] begins the SysAdmin's Section that also contains highlights of a BigAdmin[sm] Xperts session on Predictive Self-Healing [15194] and the current Sun Net Talks Seminars available free [15196].

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