Sunday, August 21, 2005

Vol 90 Issue 3 - August 15th - 21st, 2005

Sun Fire[TM] V890 servers are tripling the performance for ESRI, which is why Sun was chosen to maximize the GIS software company's overall system [14947]. A new Open Source Office was launched by Sun this week with Simon Phipps at its helm [14963]. Additionally, the company is planning on opening a new European data center for remote management in the near future [14919].

Sun also is making news by going on tour with Coldplay in support of the Fair Trade Movement [14964]. A new Sun Center of Excellence was recently inaugurated in India [14923]. And, a survey reveals which programming skills are currently in-demand [14925].

XML Pioneer Tim Bray [14761] and Sun Distinguished Engineer Jim Waldo [14807] share their experience and latest projects in the Features section, where you can also learn about transient blocking synchronization [14846] and how InnovationWell is improving knowledge management for healthcare [14718].

In Hardware, Sun has repriced CPU parts for the Sun Fire[TM] V40z servers [14933], announced the end of life (EOL) for Brocade 12000 FC Port Blade [14899] and released new and repriced hardware spare parts [14900].

Read eWeek Labs take on the Sun Java[TM] Studio Creator 2 Early Access (EA) release [14922], which also is the topic for an article on design patterns [14873]. Early adopters may be interested in downloading the Sun Java[TM] Studio Enterprise 8 EA [14953]. Subscription pricing is being offered on the new Sun Java StorEdge[TM] Software and Suites [14932]. Plus, learn how to use the Sun Java[TM] System Identity Manager for service and RBAC profiles [14928].

The Servers section covers remanufactured offerings on the Sun Fire[TM] 15K/12K [14905] and Sun Fire[TM] E2900 [14884] servers. EOL announcements have been made for the Sun Fire[TM] V880 [14904], Netra[TM] CT820 [14903] and Netra[TM] 120, whose last order date has been extended [14902].

In the Sun and Standards section, readers are invited to attend an upcoming two-day conference entitled "Standardization and the Law: Developing the Golden Mean for Global Trade," that will explore international trade, law and standards [14951].

Finally, in the Education section, a white paper describes data-grid architecture for higher education [14946], Sun Fire servers that can save educators up to 50 percent [14915] and how to sign-up for an e-newsletter designed for student developers [14916].

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