Sunday, August 07, 2005

Vol 90 Issue 1 - August 1st - 7th, 2005

This week's news section includes an article on GE's adoption of the Sun Java[TM] Identity Manager solution, which it is deploying worldwide throughout its corporate IT infrastructure [14869]. There is also an article that tells of a poll of 1,200 respondents who expressed a decided preference for the Blu-ray DVD Standard [14849].

The Java section this week features two articles on AJAX, one having to do with creating web applications with that tool [14621] and the other presents design details on customizing the JavaServer[TM] Faces component of the AJAX auto-completion function [14841].

Security section readers will learn about the security features of the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) [14859], a building-block approach to system security [14858] and a report of a survey on the importance of identity management to the compliance effort [14857].

Readers with an interest in developer-related topics will find articles on Solaris[TM] 10 OS as a SIP Server [14730], an appraisal of the early access edition of Sun Java[TM] Studio Creator 2 [14839], information on newly available tools to support AJAX [14856] and a piece that provides detailed instructions for the installation and configuration of Sun[TM] Cluster 3.1 09/04 software [14749].

In Sys Admin, there are articles on automating the setup of Sun Fire [TM] V20z and Sun Fire[TM] V40z servers [14726], a discussion of the features of the Accounting and Reporting Console that is part of the N1[TM] Grid Engine 6 solution [14659] and a case study on migration from Platform Computing's Load Sharing Facility to the N1 Grid Engine Software [14690].

In FOSS this week, there are articles on OpenSolaris user groups [14877], acquiring and building source code for OpenSolaris [14843], connecting Office Suite to a MySQL Database [14850], a progress report on the Nevada development community [14845], the formation of the Mozilla[TM] Corporation [14874] and security guidelines for the Enterprise Grid Alliance [14842].

Partner news includes an article on the revamping of its partner programs that Sun is undertaking [14875], a new agreement between Sun and Inner Circle Logistics [14804], the availability of PolarLake Integration Suite on the Solaris 10 OS [14860], the collaboration between Sun and Interwoven on the Enterprise Content Management Platform [14833] and the opening of the Advanced Technology Center in Singapore as the result of the joint efforts of Sun and NOL Group [14852].

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