Sunday, November 06, 2005

Vol 93 Issue 1: October 31st - November 6th, 2005

Sun's 2006 fiscal first quarter results released this week reveal an increase in revenue and a narrower loss [15377]. In other Sun News, Solaris Secure Execution is expected to offer automatic verification, Mark Thacker explains in the final installment of his interview with System News [15312]. Two new Sun Grid Utility services have been announced [15388] along with IBM's BladeCenter servers support for the Solaris[tm] Operating System (Solaris OS) [15376].
Sun's most patented employee is Mark Tremblay, who recently earned his 100th one [15342]. Features also covers the campaign for Digital Rights Management [15375] and Sun's method in identifying the best suppliers in the marketplace [15321].

The upcoming Sun[tm] Studio 11 already is setting benchmark records [15347] and the Solaris 10 OS has surpassed three million registered licenses [15348].

Information in the Sun Java section details the 2005Q4 Java Enterprise System [15278], Sun Java[tm] Availability Suite with Sun[tm] Cluster Geographic Edition [15393], Sun Java[tm] System Access Manager 7 [15369], Sun Java[tm] Studio Enterprise 8 [15368], Sun Java[tm] System Identity Manager Service Provider Edition 1.0 [15370] and the Sun[tm] RFID Industry Solution for Physical Asset Tracking [15344].

Are IT standards a help or hindrance? [15371] Find out where to get the answer in the Sun and Standards section.

Fast Infoset [15378] and web services [15245] along with SOA are explored in the Developers section, which also hosts an article on JAXP 1.3 [15285] and configuring Sun Java[tm] Studio Enterprise 8 to deploy portal providers and portlets [15323].

The Partner section has updates on Sun's relationships with Alcatel [15346], Computer Associates, Inc. [15343], Wyse Technology [15391]and InstaColl [15324].

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