Sunday, February 20, 2005

Vol 84 Issue 3

This week's News covers the latest AMD Opteron processors incorporated into Sun servers and workstations along with a pricing promotion [14173]. Also making News is Sun and PricewaterhouseCoopers collaboration on compliance and identity management [14175], the Sun SOLAR Edge Elite Program for the 32/64-bit server market [14140], Sun's network computing vision for healthcare [14172] and industry analysts take on Red Hat's new release [14178].

Sun VP John Loiacono reveals seven network security myths [14179] in Features, that also includes information on the Java Payments Network [14134] and Liberty Alliance Project's second release of its Mobile Business Guidelines [14171].

Sun Fire[TM] servers with UltraSPARC[TM] IV set new world records [14125] and a Sun BluePrints[TM] article demonstrates how to use JumpStart[TM] to provision Sun X86-64 systems [14114].

The Telco section covers the latest on Sun and mobileATM [14167], the next generation of ATCA solutions [14168], and Telefonica Deutschland's selection of the Sun Java[TM] Enterprise System for its rapid implementation of revenue-generating services [14166].

In Java, learn how to migrate to the J2SETM 5.0 [14123] and download this platform's Update 1 and its JDK[TM] 5.0 Update 1 [14099]. Also released, the Java[TM] Application Verification Kit 1.4.1 [14124].

Sun is gearing up its services offerings with free workshop services [14174], Sun[SM] i-Runbook Service [14155], Sun[TM] Infrastructure Solution for Secure Network Access Platform [14153], Sun[TM] VoIP Application Services solution for the Enterprise [14151], Sun[SM] Managed Environmental Services [14152] and Sun[SM] Preventive Services 1.1 [14154].

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