Thursday, August 03, 2006

Vol 101 Issue 4: 24th - 30th July, 2006

Sun's earnings report for the recent quarter posted an increase of 29% [16782]. For a look at who is choosing Sun technology, see article [16781].

The new Sun Blade 8000 server is available from Sun's trade-in program [16772] with savings up to 20%.

Everyone working with StarOffice software will want to know how to get the latest updates and fixes to prevent having a vulnerable application [16753].

For anyone who works on Solaris OS. UNIX or Linux, you can now get Adobe Reader on your system; check out the features in article [16758].

New from the Sun Java System people is the Sun Java Composite Application Platform Suite (CAPS) 5.1.1 for developing enterprise SOA applications (see [16748]).

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