Monday, September 04, 2006

Vol 102, Issue 4: 21 August, 2006 - 27 August, 2006

Servers lead the news again this week: Sun gained server market revenue year-to-year, IDC reported, surpassing Dell [16907]. A new benchmark shows how the new Sun Fire V490 server beat an IBM server [16901]. Upgrade to a Sun Fire server with the UltraSPARC processor in this promotion [16873]. For details on the Sun Fire V490 and the Sun Fire V890 servers, see article [16864]. This week we also feature technical details of the Sun Fire X2200 M2 server in article [16882] and the Sun Fire E25K and Sun Fire E20K servers [16871].

What will Sun make open source? The Java SE, the Java ME CLDC and CDC [16885]; an audio link of the announcement is included in the article.

The recently announced storage products, the Sun StorageTek 6540 array is covered in article [16875] and the Sun StorageTek 6140 array is detailed in [16859].

The Java Enterprise System team is looking for participants in its beta 5 program [16860]. Participants will receive early access to the JES 5 software and more.

For a detailed look at DTrace and other process tools in Solaris 10 OS, see the sample chapter from the Solaris Performance and Tools book [16870]. Another book featured this week is a guide to native LDAP implementation [16869]. If you are just getting up to speed on DTrace and want to know more about the features in Solaris 10 OS, there's a free web-based course available [16868].

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