Thursday, July 02, 2015

Most Popular Articles in "System News for IT Professionals: Vol 208 Issue 4

Here are the titles for the most popular articles from the current issue of "System News for IT Professionals": 
  • Big Data' Has Lost Its Zing - Businesses Want Insight And Action
  • Cover Letters Are Dead -- Send A Pain Letter, Instead
  • 10 IoT Applications for SMEs
  • Google Made A Chatbot That Debates The Meaning Of Life
  • The Rise Of SSDs Over Hard Drives, Debunked
  • Bitcoin ATMs 101: What You Need To Know About This Growing Business Opportunity
  • Businesses Struggle To Counter Insider Threats
  • Microscale 'Transformer' Robots Are Joining Forces To Break Through Blocked Arteries
  • Breaking the IoT Connection
  • The Dirty Secrets Of Project Management Revealed
  • How To Keep Track Of Sensitive Data With A Data Flow Map
  • Oneweb Satellite Broadband Effort Gets $500M
  • Breakthrough May Double Speed Of Fiber Optics Networks
  • How Artificial Intelligence Is Working In The Enterprise
  • 4 Solutions To Bad Data For Sales Managers 
  • Top Tips - How You Can Truly Embrace BYOD In The Meeting Room
  • Monitoring Your Privacy Program: Risk Assessments And Documentation
  • Boost For The Data Centre As Organisations Plan Spending Increase Despite Cloud Growth
  • Software Developers Are Failing To Implement Crypto Correctly, Data Reveals
  • How To Keep Your Job From Ruining Your Vacation
  • How CISOs can create security KPIs and KRIs
  • Will Google Artificial Intelligence Run An IT Help Desk?
  • Identity Management Scalability And APIs Support Explosive Mobile App Growth
  • 10 Reasons Tape Backup Remains Important To The Enterprise
  • Open Source History: Why Didn't BSD Beat Out GNU And Linux?
  • Common Cybersecurity Myths Debunked
  • Hadoop And Big Data: Ready To Cross The Chasm?
  • These 4 Things Will Change Your Outlook On The Internet Of Things
  • 5G Networks Look To New Frequencies To Deliver Gigabit Speeds
  • 9 Ways Technology Is Slowly Killing Us All
System New for IT Professionals"

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