Friday, April 01, 2016

System News for IT Professionals, Volume 217, Issue 4, Mar 21st, 2016 — Mar 27th, 2016

Here are the titles for the most popular articles from the current:
  • Searching For A Path To Iot Security
  • IoT 101 - Explained So Even My Grandmother Can Understand
  • What To Tell Your Legal Department About The Risks Of Social Media
  • Resilient Cloud Network Architectures: Fundamentals
  • Making The Business Case For Cloud
  • What Enterprise Data Center Managers Can Learn From Web Giants
  • The Best Tech Training: Pros & Cons
  • Three Barriers To Introducing Unified Communications To Your Business (And How To Solve Them)
  • Mycroft - The World's First Truly Open Home AI
  • People Are (Still) The Biggest Security Risks
  • The Debate Is Over - Businesses Need Both Apps And Mobile Websites
  • Disaster Recovery: 3 Lessons From The HBO Playbook
  • Federal Reserve Says Bitcoin Has 'Significant Friction'
  • How To Kick-Start Your DevOps Adoption
  • Networking Then and Now: 1986 Vs 2016
  • 100,000 Locations Worldwide Now Accept Bitcoin With Bitit Gift Cards
  • Advanced Persistent Bot Activity On The Rise
  • Consumers Worried About Iot Security, Survey Finds
  • 9 Ways Technology Will Change Within The Next 10 Years
  • Banks Failing With Password Management, But Why?
  • Data Lake Governance: A Big Data Do Or Die
  • 5 Ways The Internet Of Things Will Change Big Data
  • SDNs Come To The Branch Office, With Risks
  • CIOs Need To Avoid A Mistaken Path To DevOps
  • Gartner Warns Of Approaching Apocalypse For IoT Data Management
  • Six Reasons IoT Storage Should Be Object-Based
  • Why Google Doesn't Outsource Data Center Operations
  •  Linux Best Bets: There's A Desktop Distro Just Right For You
  •  Draw Up A Data Center Network Diagram You'll Actually Use
  •  The Most Momentous Tech Events Of The Past 30 Years (Slideshow)

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