Monday, July 24, 2006

Vol 101, Issue 3: July 17th— July 23rd, 2006

Following up on last week's announcement from Sun of their new AMD based servers and the new blade server, we delve more deeply into the technical specs of the Sun Fire X4600 server (see article [16468]) and the Sun Blade 8000 [16719]. New promotions for these servers provide even more incentives ([17623] and [16721]).

Sun also continues to expand its presence in the storage market by making their Sun StorageTek products more available [16746].

Java technology developers can take advantage of a free online course in AJAX, starting August 4th [16743].

Ron Goldman continues his discussion of the values of open source [16720]. The OASIS organization has ratified a new standard to improve communications for emergency response workers [16698].

AMD and partners design systems to keep the Canadian Hockey League's web site in top shape [16616] while Sun and AMD recount how their relationship evolved into the dynamic powerhouse it is today [16617]. If you are looking for examples of how others are harnessing the power of grid technology, see AMD and Altair's success story [16578] in this week's AMD section


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