Monday, July 17, 2006

Volume 101, Issue 2

Sun showcased new Sun x64 enterprise systems powered by the AMD Opteron processor: the Sun Fire X4600 server (the world's first 16-way x64 server in a single 4U chassis, see article [16718]), the Sun Fire X4500 server (the world's first hybrid server, see [16716]), and the Sun Blade 8000 blade (modular for investment protection, see [16717]).

While the energy savings of the servers is just one of their many features, Sun's eco-responsibility is built into its philosophy and hardware from the ground up [16671]. "Try before you buy" is still the mantra with more servers on the promotion list [16692] and [16691]. Telecom customers can see what the Netra 1290 server had to offer [16705] in this week's Telco section, which also discusses the challenges of merging OSS after an acquisition [16704].

We bring you news from around the world on Sun's efforts in the education field [16701] and [16702]. Also check out our software articles and developer tips.

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