Sunday, July 03, 2005

Vol 88 Issue 5

The JavaOne[sm] 2005 Conference held this past week in San Francisco encompasses most of the articles in this edition with multiple announcements on new products, technologies, strategies and alliances. An overview of the conference [14713] highlights these announcements. For specifics, the News section covers Sun's move to acquire SeeBeyond [14716], the new Sun[sm] Developer Network Student Developer Program [14714], winners of the Duke's Choice Awards [14719] and Sun's role in the Live 8 concert [14729].

In Java, read about key Java Enterprise technologies that are being open sourced [14705], updates for the next edition of the Java[tm] Platform, Enterprise Edition [14710], approval of JBI 1.0 [14706], the Java[tm], Standard Edition's technology roadmap [14709] and the move toward simplifying the Java platform's name [14721].

The Partners section details the Sun/IBM extended Java technology agreement [14712], Sun and EMC's work to ensure product compatibility [14687], the Solaris[tm] 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) and Veraz's next generation ControlSwitch [14692] and Sun's collaboration with eSys to expand its reaches into the enterprise network market [14686].

New product announcements in the Sun Java section include the Sun Java[tm] Web Services Developer Pack 1.6 [14711], Sun Java[tm] Real-Time System software [14715] and the latest version of the Sun Java[tm] System RFID Software [14722].

Two new Sun Ultra[tm] workstations widen the choices for customers [14707]. Plus, the Sun Ray[tm] Ultra-thin client supports SAVVIS' virtualized IT utility service platform [14680].

OpenSolaris' new boot architecture tops the FOSS section that also includes information on Liberty Alliance Project's service interface specifications for content messaging [14683] and its Conformance Program awards eight companies interoperable certifications [14591].

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