Sunday, July 10, 2005

Vol 89 Issue 1 - July 4th to10th, 2005

In the News this week, Sun teamed with Red Hat to relay to the European Parliament the importance in rejecting the Computer-Implemented Inventions directive that would have permitted the patenting of software [14750]. The D.E. Shaw group joins other financial services companies relying on Sun technology [14694].

A market access acceleration program for international games content owners is being developed by Sun and Pacific Internet Limited [14652].

Sun Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy reviews the company's direction in the Participation Age [14696] in the Features section, which also offers information from Jeff Jackson, vice president of Java Developer Platforms Group, about the challenges of keeping Java[TM] technology open, innovative and reliable [14601], and Sun Vice President of Identity Management Sara Gates on an effective identity management program [14492].

The Software section links readers to a Solaris 10 OS self-help guide [14689]; an article overview of the Solaris[TM] Operating System (Solaris OS) and security APIs, SPIs and frameworks [14691]; and Sun[SM] Software Express for Solaris[TM] 6/05 software [14693].

Read the latest best practices on Sun Fire[TM] midrange servers and firmware 5.18.x [14627]. Customers wanting to upgrade to UltraSPARCR IV servers can save up to 20 percent with trade-ins [14731]. Plus, two articles cover the end-of-life announcements on Netra[TM] 240, 440 [14666] and 120 [14665] configurations.

In the Telco section, the Netra[TM] server line of telecom hardware now is certified for the Solaris OS [14684]. Also covered are Sun's partnerships with Ericsson [14704], Toshiba [14724] and NTT DoCoMo [14723].

The Java Community Process[SM] is scoring high marks from developers [14695] to top the Java section, which also has information on the JDBC[TM] 4.0 API specification early draft release [14657] and a promotional training bundle for the Java[TM] Platform, Standard Edition (Java[TM] SE) 5.0 [14622].

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