Sunday, July 24, 2005

Vol 89 Issue 3 - July 18th - 24th, 2005

In this week's features section, you can read about Sun's efforts on behalf of Bono's campaign to raise world consciousness about issues of debt relief and AIDS in African nations [14725], as well as an article on processor design culminating in the MT mediaLib[TM] solution for chip multi-threaded processors [14682], and how Ciena Corporation sped up its design and testing processes with the Sun Ray[TM] V20z server [14811].

Readers with an interest in FOSS will find several articles, including one on Solaris[TM] Containers [14751], another on the latest release of OpenOffice 1.1.5 [14780], an announcement of the Mozilla[TM] Firefox
1.0.5 release and the accelerating rate of adoption for this solution [14806], as well as a guide to customizing the Firefox browser [14773].

The section on entry level servers features articles on the dual-core AMD Opteron Processors now available in the Sun server line [14797], new standard configurations for the Sun Fire[TM] V40z server, [14798], the Sun Fire[TM] V20z systems [14795], and the Sun fire[TM] V210 and Sun Fire[TM] V240 server lines [14796].

The news in this week's hardware section includes an article on the new 2 GB FC HBAs for the Sun StorEdge[TM] family of products [14801], a DVD optical drive floppy blocking plate for the Sun Fire[TM] V40z server [14802], an XATO filler panel option for the Netra[TM] 440 server line [14803], and an article on a variety of new and repriced spare parts [14800].

Readers of the Java[TM] section will find an article on a developer's test drive of the Sun Java[TM] Studio Creator solution [14778], a tech talk on JavaServer[TM] Faces [14654] and an article that serves as an introduction to the Java[TM] Platform, Micro Edition [14623].

This week's NetBeans[TM] section includes news on Project Matisse [14781], a tutorial on NetBeans[TM] IDE 4.0 Profiler [14406], and a piece on the JFluid Profiling Tool [14405].

The versatility of the Sun Ultra[TM] 20 Workstation is highlighted in the workstation section [14793], along with with an article on the new Sun Ultra[TM] 3 Mobile Workstation [14799], and a report on how the Sun Ray[TM] thin client offering stacks up against its Windows counterpart [14810].

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